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When you plan to start your crowdfunding platform, selecting the right niche/category for your crowdfunding platform is critical to the ultimate success of your crowdfunding startup. Based on lots of research and growth of crowdfunding market in recent years, selecting right niche or category is really confusing as crowdfunding market has clearly shown growth in all sectors either it is reward based, equity based or real estate based crowd funding as per the chart below.

At Fundraisingscript, we are offering 5 different products, to begin with, your crowdfunding, and the following is the detailed list of all crowdfunding products with categories or niches you can choose to start with.


Reward Based Crowdfunding software
Technology, Arts, Comics, Games & Software and apps are the most popular categories having highest success ratio. However you can start your reward based crowdfunding platform with all following crowdfunding categories, may be couple of them or even you can dedicate your crowdfunding platform to only one category like “Agriculture Crowdfunding Platform

Reward Crowdfunding Categories
>> Arts >> Comic >> Community >> Dance
>> Environment >> Fashion >> Film Making >> Food
>> Games >> Medical >> Modeling >> Music
>> Photography >> Politics >> Softwares/Apps >> Space Research
>> Technology >> Theater >> Transmedia >> Travel
>> Video / Web >> Writing

Donation Based Crowdfunding
In donation crowdfunding Animal, Health, Social Cause are the all time hit categories however you can choose any of following suggestions.

Donation Crowdfunding Categories
>> Animals >> Cause >> Education >> Health
>> Memorial >> Nature >> NGO/Charity >> Religion
>> Sports >> Welfare

Equity Based Crowdfunding
Equity crowdfunding software is one of them most and fastest growing crowdfunding sector with Technology and Gadget as creamy crowd funding categories.

Equity Crowdfunding Categories
>> Ecommerce >> Fashion >> Finance & Insurance >> Gadgets
>> Healthcare >> Hotels & Restaurants >> Oil & Gas >> Retail
>> Software >> Technology >> Transportation >> Travel

Real Estate Based Crowdfunding
Real Estate crowdfunding software platform is also one of the most promising future but still real estate yet need to penetrate in many countries where it is not there already, so you have chance to start real estate crowdfunding platform if there is no one in your country or region.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Categories
>> Apartments >> Commercial Financing >> Health Care >> Home Finance
>> Industrial >> Infrastructure >> Lodging >> Mixed
>> Office >> Regional Malls >> Self Storage >> Shopping Centers
>> Timber

Lending Based Crowdfunding
Lending crowdfunding aka Peer to Peer crowdfunding aka P2P crowdfunding platform is popular nowadays with following mending categories have given strong hits of steady growth from last few years to till date.

Lending Crowdfunding Categories
>> Agriculture Loans >> Business Loans >> Education Loans >> Gold Loans
>> Industrial Loans >> Mortgage Loans >> Payday Loans >> Personal Loans
>> Startup Loans

Based on above growth comparison you can at least analyze what is going on and what is hot in crowdfunding market, which will help you choose and decide one of the best white label crowd funding software based on your requirements.

If you have completely new crowdfunding platform ideas, and would like to engage Fundraisingscript Team to development process, we would love to discuss with you. Please contact us here.

It is also recommended that you read our another blog post explains why you should choose crowdfunding platform as your startup idea.

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