White label crowdfunding software for your next startup

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In more recent years, crowdfunding has proven to be among the best methods of funding a unique idea and it is growing rapidly. Moreover, thanks to digitization and the rise of online fundraising method, the doors are open for the project creators and fundraisers to turn their dreams into reality. Internet has given a new shape to crowdfunding and you can think of it like a street performer’s cap for gathering tips, but in an online setting.

Nowadays, with the rise of some popular white label crowdfunding software providers, so many individuals and organizations are moving away from the third-party crowdfunding platforms and are selecting to have their own crowdfunding websites.

How Our White Label Crowdfunding Software would be the best solution for you?

If you are also searching for a trustworthy and reliable white label crowdfunding software provider,
then you can choose us as we have been providing ready-made script to easily create, launch,
and maintain Real-Estate, Equity, Donation, Lending and Reward-based crowdfunding platform to support investment activities. We at Fundraisingscript.com, offer white label crowdfunding software, which would be a best solution for you as it will help you to launch your project/campaign on your own website so everything would be in complete control.

We provide PHP Crowdfunding site, which can be easy to manage and easy to find resource for development and maintenance.

We suggest you that our PHP crowdfunding platform would be the perfect choice at the point of maintenance and initial investment cost.

Several Salient Features Of Our White Label Crowdfunding Software:

  • Catchy & Intuitive: Our script is easy to use and eye catching so it will appeal your audience and donors due to its convenience and attractiveness.
  • Social Media: We enable you with social media integration with different social networking site so you will very easily get maximum social attention along with powerful online marketing capabilities to broadcast your deals to your network of investors. You are able to leverage your social networks and by building a loyal following via social media, those supporters can potentially convert into loyal customers as well.
  • Pre-installed Payment Gateways: We are offering pre-installed payment gateways with our script. We offer secure payment gateway integration including Paypal adaptive, Stripe, Wallet and Manual Bank wire. Users are able to choose and verify his/her payment gateway/bank account to get funds in the end of campaign.

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  • Responsive Technology: You are able to utilize and run our customized white label crowdfunding script from multiple platforms due to the advanced responsive technology.
  • Progress Meter: This feature enables you to measure your crowdfunding progress for each campaign to get overview of the campaign at the first glance.
  • Multiple Currency: With this feature, you are able to create campaign in currency supported by the country that you are living in.
  • Multiple Language: Our script offers multiple language support with almost all languages including RTL and LTR so due to this, it will be very easy for you to implement your preferred language in the script.
  • CMS: Complete CMS module to manage pages and content for website. With this feature you and your users can create projects, details pages etc.
  • Dynamic Service Fees: Easily edit and configure percentage fees admin wants to earn from each investment on each campaign.
  • Google Analytics: Integration of Google analytic to track traffic and nature of user on the website.
  • 24/7 Live support: With the help of this feature, you are able to offer 24/7 live support that will prove to be the most efficient way to have a communication with customers and website visitors.

If you want to know more about several other features of our white label crowdfunding script, please visit our feature list here. You can also enjoy our exclusive online demo.

Choose our secure and reliable White Label Crowdfunding Software that will also reduce the risk of losing a large investment during the development and the validation stage. Apart from this, you can save unnecessary third party fees by running your own campaign on your own website.

You can feel free to contact us to know more about our white label crowdfunding software and its striking features.