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Real Estate Crowdfunding Software

Since the advent of crowdfunding schemes, there have been numerous programs where people join to aid funds for specific causes such as donation, equity, rewards and lending. However, recently real estate industry is also trying to aid its projects through an online crowdfunding site.

Although the minimum investment is a bit higher compared to other schemes, real estate crowdfunding websites are ideal for those who wish to invest their money for greater returns in the coming years.

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding Software?

With the help of white label real estate crowdfunding software or script, you can set up your own full-fledged crowdfunding portal wherein people can list new commercial or residential real estate deals and projects, and investors from the public can review and opt to invest directly through the online real estate crowdfunding portal approach or under the Crowdfunding DIY Approach

Being a booming market, Real estate crowdfunding deals and projects are slowly gaining popularity among the potential investors as it delivers a higher return on crowdfunding investment compared to other types of crowdfunding projects and deals.


Offer Debt and Equity Real Estate Investments through White Label Crowdfunding

Whether your vision is to create a real estate crowdfunding platform focused on debt-based investments or one that centers on equity-based opportunities, our crowdfunding solution comes with pre-built features for both options, offering flexibility for further platform customization.

We've already developed the crowdfunding platform for real estate debt crowdfunding, which can significantly expedite your product launch if you're establishing a debt-based real estate crowdfunding platform. Our real estate investment software has also expanded to include real estate equity fundraising features.

Efficiently Handle Investments, Transactions, and Fees

As a real estate crowdfunding platform administrator, you can establish fees that align with your platform's monetization strategy. You can easily oversee transactions, configure repayment schedules, enable investors to initiate withdrawal requests, and seamlessly integrate with accounting software for streamlined financial management. Additionally, you can enhance user experience by automating payment processing through a third-party payment gateway, ensuring smooth and efficient financial operations on your platform.


Why Choose Fundraisingscript?

At Fundraisingscript, our approach combines cutting-edge technology with dedicated service to guarantee that your real estate crowdfunding platform completely aligns with your specific regulatory requirements and business objectives. Right from the start, our platform offers the following key features out-of-the-box

  • End to End flow of Investor
  • SEO Friendly Marketing site
  • Powerful Admin back office
  • Separate login fundraiser portal

As a dynamic white-label crowdfunding platform provider and Fintech software developer backed by the expertise of Rockers Technology, we are excited to showcase how we can be a valuable asset for your business. We've crafted a versatile and adaptable solution that can cater to your unique needs and aspirations in the crowdfunding and financial technology space.

Building Your Real Estate Brand: How White Label Platforms Serve a Purpose

White label real estate crowdfunding software offers various purposes and advantages for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Here are the top five purposes  

  1. Custom Branding and Identity: A white-label platform allows you to brand the crowdfunding platform with your logo, colors, and corporate identity. This helps in creating a consistent brand image and enhancing recognition among users.
  2. Accelerated Time-to-Market: Developing a real estate crowdfunding platform from scratch can be time-consuming and costly. White-label solutions offer pre-built templates and functionalities, reducing development time and allowing you to launch your platform quickly.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: Using a white-label platform can be more cost-effective than building a custom solution. It eliminates the need for extensive development, maintenance, and ongoing updates, saving time and money.
  1. Regulatory Compliance: Reputable white-label providers often come with built-in regulatory compliance features. This is crucial for real estate crowdfunding, subject to specific legal and financial regulations. White label platforms can help you stay compliant with ease.
  2. Scalability and Flexibility: White-label solutions are designed to be scalable, allowing you to grow your platform as your user base and offerings expand. They often come with customization options, enabling you to tailor the platform to your needs without starting from scratch.

Ultimately, a white-label real estate crowdfunding platform is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enter the market quickly, efficiently, and with the ability to establish their brand identity while adhering to industry regulations.

Leading Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

At Fundraisingscript, our approach combines cutting-edge technology with dedicated service to guarantee that your real estate crowdfunding platform completely aligns with your specific regulatory requirements and business objectives. Right from the start, our platform offers the following key features out-of-the-box

  1. RealtyMogul: It is a well-established real estate crowdfunding platform offering various investment opportunities in commercial and residential properties, with options for accredited and non-accredited investors.
  2. Fundrise: It is known for its accessible approach to real estate investing, allowing individuals to diversify their portfolios through eREITs and eFunds while benefiting from low minimum investments.
  1. CrowdStreet: It provides direct real estate investing opportunities, connecting accredited investors with a broad selection of commercial real estate projects, emphasizing transparency and vetting.
  2. PeerStreet: It focuses on short-term, real estate-backed loans, allowing investors to invest in real estate debt through a user-friendly platform.

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How Does the White Label Real Estate Crowdfunding Script Help You? helps you with an ideal custom built real estate crowdfunding software that offers a one-click install to set up your white label crowdfunding platform for real estate projects and deals. You can then invite real estate developers to list their projects and deals on your crowdfunding website to invite funds or investments from common people interested in investing in the real estate project.

Our team comprises experts from the real estate industry who know ins and outs of the market. This has helped us to address all the possible scenarios and add advanced features to the script. Yet the interface is user friendly and extremely easy to use. You can either use it for your own real estate project or set up a platform for listing projects by others. Investment can be invited from people all over the globe or from a specific country or region. There are multiple payment options in the program and high security measures are in place to avoid any fraud or threat to investors. Responsive design makes your platform accessible on mobile phones and crowdfunding mobile app.

Supported Newsletter Mail Servers

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How Does the Script Work?

Our real estate funding script will help you to create a website similar to popular real estate crowdfunding sites like iFunding, Fundrise, Realty Mogul, and Crowdstreet. It will be an attractive alternative real estate crowdfunding platform. You can create a direct clone of these sites and even customize your site further to make it unique.

This platform will allow real estate developers to register and list their projects up for Crowdfunding. However, all the projects submitted over the portal must go through admin screening process and once the site admin approves the project, it will go for investment and will be open for funding from interested people.

Individuals and companies interested in the real estate market can visit the portal, surf through different real estate projects listed thereon and choose to invest in one or multiple crowdfunding projects. All the funding generated through investments will be split into two parts – one part for the site admin and the other part for the project owner. The percentage of share from the overall funding will be set by the site admin. The part going to the site admin is actually the fee for providing the crowdfunding platform.

Crowdfunding Payment Gateway Support

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  • wepay
  • bluepay
  • braintree
  • chronopay
  • fastcharge
  • firstdata
  • mangopay
  • paynova
  • paysimple
  • securepay
  • sofort

Monetize Your Platform

The website owner can earn revenue through the percentage of share pre-assigned out of the overall funding. The share is actually site fees charged by the crowdfunding web portal for the service. There will be no membership fees or any other expenses charged by the Crowdfunding platform.


Complete Social Media Integrations

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Highlighting Features

Available Server Options for Crowdfunding Platforms

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  • exmasters
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  • hivelocity
  • hostforweb
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  • inmotion
  • iPage
  • irish-domains
  • justhost
  • myhosting
  • R1Soft
  • singlehop
  • steadfast
  • superb-internet
  • webhostingpad
  • whm
  • znetlive

Other API Integrations

  • accredify
  • accreditedvalidation
  • accuratebackground
  • crowdbouncer
  • crowdsignature
  • docdep
  • docuSign
  • equidam
  • miicard
  • rightsignature
  • verifyinvestor
  • veritax
  • vstocktransfer
  • worthworm
  • sumsub


Got questions? We've got answers

Indeed, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to white label crowdfunding software:

What is white label real estate crowdfunding software?

White label real estate crowdfunding software refers to a customizable platform provided by a third-party company, allowing real estate firms, developers, or investment groups to launch their crowdfunding platform under their brand. It enables users to invest in real estate projects through a tailored and branded interface.

How does white label real estate crowdfunding software differ from traditional crowdfunding platforms?

Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, white label solutions allow businesses to customize the platform's appearance, branding, and functionalities to align with their specific requirements and maintain brand consistency.

What are the key benefits of using white label real estate crowdfunding software?

White label solutions offer customization, faster deployment, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and brand control. They enable businesses to launch their crowdfunding platform quickly without extensive development efforts and offer a tailored user experience.

Can I integrate white label real estate crowdfunding software with my existing website or platform?

Yes, most white label real estate crowdfunding software is designed to be easily integrated into existing websites or platforms. It can be seamlessly customized to match the overall look and feel of your brand.

What features does typical white label real estate crowdfunding software offer?

These platforms often include features such as project listings, investor dashboards, secure payment processing, due diligence tools, compliance management, reporting and analytics, and investor relationship management functionalities.

Is the white label crowdfunding software compliant with regulatory standards?

Reputable white label solutions prioritize compliance and often come equipped with built-in compliance tools. They ensure adherence to regulatory standards such as KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) and SEC regulations for real estate crowdfunding in the United States.

Can I customize the investment terms and offerings on the white label platform?

Yes, white label real estate crowdfunding software usually offers customization options for investment terms, including minimum investment amounts, project durations, interest rates, and the types of real estate projects available for investment.

How secure are transactions on a white label real estate crowdfunding platform?

White label solutions emphasize security by employing encryption methods and secure payment gateways to protect user information and financial transactions, ensuring a secure environment for both investors and project owners.

What level of support and maintenance is provided with white label crowdfunding software?

Reliable providers offer ongoing technical support, training, and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of the platform. They also provide updates and upgrades to enhance features and security.

How can I get started with white label real estate crowdfunding software?

To begin, reach out to a reputable provider offering white label solutions for real estate crowdfunding. Discuss your specific requirements, customization options, pricing, and implementation timelines to initiate the process of launching your branded crowdfunding platform.

Are there specific payment methods tailored for real estate crowdfunding software to accommodate large investment transactions?

Yes, reputable real estate crowdfunding software often provides specialized payment support tailored for sizable investment transactions typical in real estate crowdfunding. These platforms commonly offer secure and efficient payment methods such as wire transfers, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, or escrow services. These methods ensure swift and secure handling of larger investment amounts, meeting the requirements for real estate investment transactions and providing confidence to investors regarding the safety and reliability of their contributions.