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Introduction to Reward-based Crowdfunding

As the name suggests, Reward Crowdfunding is a system wherein people invest in a project in order to gain rewards or perks for their pledge towards the project. In reward based fundraising, a group of people support a specific venture proposed by a project creator through pledges. Unlike in equity crowdfunding system, the project owner holds 100% ownership of the venture funded through rewards based crowdfunding.

What is Reward-based Crowdfunding Script?

Our Reward Crowdfunding software enables you to set up an online portal to attract pledges for your startup venture without losing the ownership of the venture either through our online Crowdfunding portal approach or under the Crowdfunding DIY Approach. With the help of this software, you can set up a full-fledged Reward-based Crowdfunding platform that allows individuals, companies or organizations to post projects and invite pledges from people online in return for rewards or perks.


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How Does The Reward Crowdfunding Software Help You?

At, we understand the basic requirement for a rewards based Crowdfunding platform and hence we have developed a PHP crowdfunding site that takes care of all the advanced security measures to help you to run a clean, secured and simple rewards-based Crowdfunding program on your web portal to help individuals, companies or organizations to invite pledges for their ventures.

Despite having advanced features, our experts have taken special care to keep the interface user-friendly in order to offer the best user experience for everyone, right from admin to users who are looking for a highly secure workflow. We have also ensured that the script builds a responsive website with fast loading time; so that anyone can access it from their mobile phone or tablet without any trouble.

Supported Newsletter Mail Servers

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How Does The Reward Crowdfunding Script Work?

Set up your own Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe clone using our Reward based crowd investing script. Once installed, this software will enable the website to let individuals, companies or organizations to list their projects and invite reward-based crowdfunding from people. All projects will pass through a review process by the Site Admin and will go live only after the admin approves the project.

Once the project is published, it is ready to receive pledges from interested people. Individuals can visit and review different projects listed on the site and choose the right one for them to sign Pledges towards the cause in return for rewards or perks.

The rewards or perks will be determined by the project owner and mentioned on the project details page. Both, project owner as well as site admin, benefit from all the pledges received through the portal. Funds collected will be split into two parts in a pre-assigned percentage; one part would go to the website administrator while the other would go to the project owner. Site admin has the privilege to set the percentage of share from the funds received via pledges for each project listed on the portal.

Payment Gateways Supported

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  • skrill
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Monetize Your Reward Crowdfunding Platform

Site administrator can earn revenue as site fees from the pre-assigned percentage of share from all the funds received in the form of pledges through the Reward-based crowdfunding portal. There are no membership fees or any sort of extra fees involved; this makes things simpler and easier for all including the Site Admin, Project Owners and Volunteers giving their pledges.


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Highlighting Features

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Got questions? We've got answers

Indeed, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to white label crowdfunding software:

What distinguishes white label reward crowdfunding software from traditional crowdfunding platforms?

White label reward crowdfunding software allows businesses and entrepreneurs to create their branded crowdfunding platform. Unlike traditional platforms, it focuses on offering backers rewards or products in exchange for their contributions.

How does white label reward crowdfunding software benefit entrepreneurs or businesses?

This software offers customization, brand control, reward management tools, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. It empowers businesses to launch their crowdfunding platform quickly with tailored rewards for backers.

Can I integrate white label reward crowdfunding software with my existing website or platform?

Yes, most white label reward crowdfunding software solutions are designed for easy integration into existing websites or platforms, maintaining brand consistency and user experience across channels.

What unique features does typical white label reward crowdfunding software offer?

These platforms often include features such as campaign creation tools, reward management systems, secure payment processing, backer engagement tools, customizable reward tiers, and robust reporting and analytics.

Is white label reward crowdfunding software compliant with regulatory standards?

Trusted white label solutions prioritize compliance, ensuring adherence to regulations such as GDPR, PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and other data protection and payment security standards.

Can I customize the rewards and campaign offerings on the white label platform?

Absolutely, white label reward crowdfunding software usually offers extensive customization options for reward tiers, campaign visuals, messaging, and unique perks to entice backers effectively.

How secure are transactions on a white label reward crowdfunding platform?

Security is paramount, and white label solutions utilize encryption and secure payment gateways to safeguard backer information and financial transactions, ensuring a secure environment.

What level of support and maintenance does white label reward crowdfunding software provide?

Reputable providers offer ongoing technical support, training, and maintenance services to ensure platform functionality. They also offer updates to enhance features and security.

How can businesses create an engaging campaign using white label reward crowdfunding software?

Providers often offer guidance on crafting compelling campaigns, utilizing engaging visuals, storytelling, and effective communication strategies to attract and retain backers.

How can I start utilizing white label reward crowdfunding software for my project or business?

To begin, reach out to a reputable provider offering white label solutions for reward crowdfunding. Discuss specific requirements, customization options, pricing, and implementation timelines to launch your branded reward crowdfunding platform.

Can the reward crowdfunding software support various payment methods for backers?

Absolutely, our reward crowdfunding software is designed to offer versatile payment support. It allows backers to contribute using multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrency (if integrated). This diverse range of payment options aims to accommodate backers' preferences, ensuring a seamless and convenient contribution process for a broader audience.