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Why Crowdfunding is the Best Option to Start for Tech Companies?


From the last few years crowdfunding has become an increasingly famous choice for both the business entrepreneurs and investors. Crowdfunding has effectively proven itself to be a fruitful option in gaining or contributing money. It will most likely proceed to grow quickly. In fact, crowdfunding is ready to become the next big investment trend.

Why crowdfunding is importance in today’s world?

If people rely on banks and other financial agencies for getting investment for their business organization, it will be a hazardous task which take so much timing. Compared to this, crowdfunding software would be a convenient choice that decrease risks and provides real time feedback. Moreover, Crowdfunding is a great marketing tool as well.

Other than presenting a product or service, an online fundraising platform, in this digitalization world, gives the opportunity to spread your brand’s message and goals to a wide audience. As you can share your campaign/project over numerous social sites, you will additionally invest time engaging with supporters, who will become loyal customers and will share your business with their associations in future. so due to this, crowdfunding is gaining importance in today’s world.

Let’s have a look on how much crowdfunding has helped tech projects to raise funds on different websites:

While not all the new tech companies are getting beneficial from crowdfunding will succeed, the potential is positively there. For instance;

  • A California-based smartwatch producer named Pebble Time had commenced its first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2012; and Pebble Time. broke the records by raising its $1 million in just 49 minutes. And even it has become one of the most-funded Kickstarter projects.
  • An android-based videogame console, Ouya set a beginning fundraising objective of $950,000 and eventually raised just about $9 millions.
  • An advanced music service named PonoMusic figured out how to attract more than 18,000 supporters on Kickstarter. It has initiated a goal of just $800,000 and eventually they managed to acquire more than $6 million in funding on Kickstarter.
  • The Jibo Family Robot campaign  set out to raise $100,000 and instead nabbed $2,287,110, making it one of the Indiegogo’s most successful campaigns.

Have a look on Sony’s launch of a crowdfunding site for project from its employees in Japan:

Sony, a Japanese multinational multinational conglomerate corporation, has successfully completed projects like an e-ink watch and mesh sensor kit; and now it has started its own crowdfunding platform for crowdfunded projects. First Flight is a Japanese- only service that showcases thoughts and items created by Sony’s own employees. This site is an expansion of a current activity from Sony’s Seed Acceleration Program, which intends to support and incubate new business thought from inside the organization. And it has completed projects three initial projects like watch and sensor kit along with an e-paper remote control.

From above data you can see that crowdfunding is already providing a suitable avenue for investors from all around the globe to invest in startup tech companies that have the potential to change the world. If you have a dream to change the world with technology, then you can also be benefited from the white label crowdfunding software that will help you to set up your own customized crowdfunding platform very easily and effortlessly. You will get an opportunity for stronger branding and more backer information. With the help of these benefits you too can fulfill your dream into reality same like the above tech companies.

You can choose our fully customized crowdfunding software named fundraisingscript that delivers the same type of solution for the successful campaign. You can  feel free to contact us for any inquiry and get to know about the salient features of our software or can also watch online demo.

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