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real estate crowdfunding

Introduction To Change In Real Estate Industry:
Crowdfunding is all about collecting financial contributions from number of people via internet as a medium. This online funding trends has expanded it into the real estate industry. It is revolutionizing the way investors invest and entrepreneurs raise capital.

Quick History Of JOBS Act :
The pass of JOBSAct in april 2012  by president Obama and Congress was a great milestone towards creating crowdfunding legal and the opportunity for real estate crowdfunding began to take hold in the United States.

Summary Of Jobs Act Piktochart

Title II of the JOBS Act, “Access to Capital for Job Creators,”allows for crowdfunding by accredited investors with some regulations.In 2013,the SEC loosened the general solicitation rules and advertising in offerings for private companies seeking to raise capital in which the purchasers were only accredited investors. Real estate crowdfunding websites multiplied with this rule, referred to as Rule 506(c) of Regulation D.

In response to Title-III under the JOBS Act of 2012, which loosened the rules which contains  MAIN PROVISIONS:-

    • Removes the ban on general solicitation:– Allows investors to access more deal flow and entrepreneurs can easily reach more investors.
    • Removes the Accredited Investors Requirement:- Allows anyone in age of 18 to invest in private companies.
    • More Investors Can Take Part :- Small investors have greater access to private placements of equity for the first time. Previously, investment in non-private startup companies was limited to small groups.JOBS removes those limits.
    • An increasing number of entrepreneurs and businesses are benefiting from Title II crowdfunding.
    • The potential investor pool for private offerings prior to JOBS was limited to wealthy investors with a minimum net worth of $1 million. JOBS, however, allows virtually anyone with a positive net worth to invest capital through a private placement.

Significant growth in crowdfunding could occur under Title III of the JOBS Act; While many entrepreneurs and members of the crowdfunding community await final regulations governing Title III of the JOBS Act, which allows non-accredited investors to participate in crowd investing.

Effective from June 19, 2015, the SEC adopted modification to Regulation A which have been dubbed Regulation A+ which allow companies to sell shares to the public through unregistered offerings without being subject to the reporting requirements for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Revenues Will Be Double This Year :
Regulation D filings generate hundreds of billions in new capital. In 2014,more than $175 million was raised on real estate crowdfunding platforms.Crowdfunding allows real estate operators to easily obtain access to millions of potential investors through the power of the internet. So in this case real estate crowdfunding Analyst believe that the market is going to go from $1 billion in 2014 to over $2.5 billion this year.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform by - Crowdfunding Software

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

With Rise In Crowdfunding Portals More Deal Of Real Estate Are Incorporated:
With the help of crowdfunding sites real estate operators can easily gain access to millions of potential investors through the power of internet.Investors are using real-estate crowdfunding as an alternative way to invest money they are looking to make money with. With increase in crowdfunding portals  they can gain access to deal flow without the time, energy and resources required to manage the properties.In addition, instead of spending hours performing their own due diligence on each real estate investment opportunity, the crowdfunding websites provide pre-screened lists of investment opportunities.

Residential Homes Work with Crowdfunding :
Crowdfunding as a major tool of raising funds in relation to commercial ventures led people to put their new apartment complexes and shopping centers with the help of crowdfunding platform. Homeowners have realized the importance of crowdfunding and the features which they get from using crowdfunding platforms  which is much easier to find individual investors in their American dream than going to a bank and trying for securing a loan.

Benefits Of Online Funding Trends In Real Estate:

  • Investors can choose which real estate projects in which they want to invest their money.
  • Investors get to work directly with real estate developers and have a voice in the process.
  • Investors get to work directly with real estate developers and have a voice in the process.
  • Investors have access to myriad projects, so choice and options aren’t a problem.

Mechanism Of Real Estate Crowdfunding :
With the help of crowdfunding portal which allows individuals to ask for or to donate money :

  • Project creator(Sponsor in case of real estate crowdfunding) creates the project to asks for funds to support his or her goal by offering equity or debt investment opportunities to individual investors.
  • Sponsor can create project with popular crowdfunding sites or can go for some white label crowdfunding solutions like Fundraisingscript which can create a customization platform for their project.
  • Investors will invest various amounts toward a project as little as $5,000 to participate.

Why Real Estate Crowdfunding Now??
The U.S. market, has seen a rise on the number of crowdfunding platforms offering real estate crowdfunding services.So this innovative technology that allowed the industry to scale-up quickly and government regulations that enabled it, beginning with JOBS ACT of 2012, are fueling the growth of crowdfunding in real estate sector.

If you get in now, you’ll be part of a GROWING market that gives power to the people, and that is already changing fundraising and investing as we know. Think it has massive potential.

Let’s Redefine The “ New Real Estate Crowdfunding”!!!

Real Estate Crowdfunding Software by - Crowdfunding Software

Real Estate Crowdfunding Software

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