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Developing crowdfunding software are not easy to build. Many times development team have different technology skill. We always have feedback from customer to have technology in place for crowdfunding software that can reduce maintenance cost. PHP development is cost effective in compare to .net developer and java programmer. PHP Scripting is very cost effective from hosting point of view in compare to .java and .net. PHP used open source technology and JAVA is also open source technology but development and maintenance cost is little high. We are not forgetting to discuss about Python. It is hard to find really good Python development team that’s reason it is little expensive.

Crowdfunding Software

Crowdfunding Site Blog

PHP Crowdfunding site can be easy to manage and easy to find resources for development and maintenance. At – Crowdfunding software, We used PHP technology (Codeigniter Web Framework). It is MVC structure. You can learn about Codeigniter Web Development  with MySQL.  MySQL is open source database and it is perfect go with PHP Programming. Here is our server requirement details

Startup companies always focus on maintenance and Initial investment cost. If we consider this two points than PHP Crowdfunding platform is perfect choice. Still there are many other technology and features need to consider before starting or developing infrastructure for crowdfunding software.

How to decide cost and maintenance cost for any software development ? 

  • Post job on Craigslist or well-known classified site.
  • Explain everything what you need and open for all technology
  • Decide Payment gateways for your crowdfunding software
  • Specified that you are not worry about technology and considering developer who can get it done
  • You will get different option and compare all that option to find out actual cost of crowdfunding software development or other software development
  • Other Idea is create detail RFP for software development team that have crowdfunding development experience like us.
  • Share RFP with team and find out how they can do their job and provide better quality work. All RFP should have specific technology idea and strict deadline.

We request you to visit our PHP Crowdfunding Site and Tell your feedback and crowdfunding Idea ?


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