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FundraisingScript : Your Own Branded Crowdfunding Platform For Nonprofit.

Fundraisingscript:crowdfunding platform
  • In today’s world nonprofit crowdfunding makes the booming market for fundraisers & donors. online crowdfunding platforms are always useful to nonprofits to raise maximum & full funds in a short time as well as increase brand awareness.

  • Below Massive Growth Of Nonprofit Crowdfunding:-


  • 2011 –  $1.5B
  • 2012 –  $2.7B
  • 2013 –  $5.1B
  • 2014 –  $8.3B

Predicting the global sector to reach $15.4B in 2015.

  • For nonprofits, online crowdfunding is one of the best ways to engage your current base of supporters as well as reach out to and acquire new donors.
  • For this mindset, you can be part of the booming market. Now you can also start your own crowdfunding platform and boost your campaign with a fundraising script. Fundraising script is a flexible white-label crowdfunding platform provider for which users can easily set their own crowdfunding platform for any ideas.
  • Most people don’t know that they don’t have to rely on a third-party site that takes a cut or high fees, and while the disadvantage is you have to do more legwork, the advantage is that you are truly in control.

So, With Fundraisingscript You Can Own Your Branded Crowdfunding Platform With Many Innovative & Effective Features:-

  • Look and Feel:- We provide you with an eye-catching crowdfunding site that will appeal to your audience and donors.
  • Ease of Use:- We provide user-friendly functionality to easily understand & use.
  • Payment Processing:- We offer a variety of payment options like credit cards, PayPal, stripe, and cryptocurrency to manage funds.
  • High Payment Gateway Transactions Fees:- You can run your own campaign on your own website to save unnecessary third-party payment gateway transactions fees.
  • Marketing and Social Networking Capabilities:-  it’s easy to spread the word and link your crowdfunding page to other sites.
  • Traction:- Are donors actually visiting the site and are nonprofits meeting their goals.

So, Make Your Nonprofit Stand Out By Giving People A Compelling And Engaging Reason To Donate With Fundraisingscript.

Contact us today:- Fundraisingscript

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