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Enterprise Crowdfunding Platforms by Sony & IBM; Two Must Read Inspirational Case Studies

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One can see that creating and maintaining a healthy business is a constant endeavour; and you generally need to measure what went well, what didn’t and what you have learned from those experiences. Nowadays, you are able to turn your dream  of a successful business enterprise into a reality by effective fundraising.

Do you have a resolution for this New Year for starting your own crowdfunding website that will work within the walls of your established enterprise? or Do you want to support the idea of the employees inside your organization? Then, today it would be possible with the help of enterprise crowdfunding. Here I have come with two must read case studies of crowdfunding by Sony & IBM, which will surely encourage you to start your white label crowdfunding platform for your established enterprise.

Have a look on Sony’s Launch of a Crowdfunding Site for the Projects from its Employees in Japan:

Recently, a new crowdfunding platform named “First Flight” has been launched by Sony. This platform is basically invented to find and finance projects that are developed by Sony’s employees and it is part of an endeavour by the this company to promote new business idea as it ties to drive itself back to profitability. The main aim for this platform is to support the new ideas of the employees inside the company. Moreover, apart from crowdfunding new projects, First Flight will also let backers directly to purchase and pre-order new device developed by Sony’s workers. Sony said that First Flight is intended to deliver experiences that move people emotionally through innovation

It shows that First Flight is at least an endeavour by the company to focus on the kind of innovative design that originally made it great in Japan; you may also see it roll out globally.

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Get Inspired from IBM’s Successful Internal Crowdfunding:

All the employees have innovative ideas; however, very few get an opportunity and permission to act on their thoughts. But IBM have gave its employees to act on their thoughts and ideas. Let’s have look how IBM has done this;

  • IBM has used a Kickstarter-type method of crowdfunding that happens internally not open to public. IBM has done it by providing them Internal crowdfunding platform that allow the employees to use the funds to support the projects of their co-workers, not their own. Five hundred employees were each given $100 and the chance to propose a project.
  • This crowdfunding effort was put in place to encourage the employees of IBM to innovate, and many internal department have collaborated to create projects and to fund the projects as well.
  • The results showed that approximately 46% of the employees  involved actually participated by investing, viewing projects, volunteering to participate in projects etc.

This initiative has been so successful that the company is recently preparing its fourth effort. Muller believes that IBM is the first to conduct internal crowdfunding efforts, and says it has had a positive impact on the company.

From above successful crowdfunding efforts, you will surely realize that launching your own crowdfunding site on a reliable and trustworthy white label crowdfunding will be a very fruitful way.

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