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Why You Should Consider Fundraisingscript As Your Main Tool For A Crowdfunding Platform



Do you have crowdfunding Idea and starting with crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or indiegogo are great idea, but there are thousands of projects that are started every day there and It can be big problem if your idea is not attracting crowd .

Now no chance of getting your idea lost with the new FundraisingscriptCrowdfunding Software a well-designed and reliable platform made to help you create your very own crowdfunding platform for your own idea campaigns.

Emergence Of Fundraisingscript In Crowdfunding Industry :

Kickstarter is currently the king of crowdfunding and supporting an individual project on the site. Does not offer any guarantee that it will be successful or even, if it is ever conveyed, that it will match the description on the original project page.

In recent months, popular crowdfunding website like kickstarter updated their rules and regulations, and as a result, many projects previously eligible have been rejected.With this purpose in mind, emergence and popularity of Fundraisingscript in crowdfunding industry takes a place which is essentially a Kickstarter clone, and it offers virtually every innovative feature of the well-known crowdfunding site that has already allowed so many new startups to launch their own successful campaigns and projects.


How Fundraisingscript Helps Creating Your Own Crowdfunding Platform For Your Idea :

With Fundraisingscript you can create your own customize crowdfunding platform for your own idea similar to popular crowdfunding sites like kickstarter, Indiegogo etc. with inbuilt innovative features like powerful project management module, social media sharing for your projects, rewards management, SEO friendly URLs, video features, PayPal Adaptive Payment gateways.


Benefits Of Using Fundraisingscript To Create Your Own Crowdfunding Platform :

  • Easy to create & configure your own branded crowdfunding platform.
  • Customize platform to adjust to your demands perfectly to match with your requirements.
  • Platform can be personalized to your project to offer your users as much as you want.
  • In built 4 crowdfunding payment gateways including PayPal,Stripe,WePay and Traditional Wallet
  • Avoid waste of time & cost involved in building platform from scratch.
  • Ongoing support & maintenance options.

With powerful crowdfunding platform Fundraisingscript, you can easily obtain the fund you need and bring creative projects in real world.

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