Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist from Crowdfunding software provider

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Encouraging crowd for Crowdfunding, Crowd Selling, Crowd Sourcing allows entrepreneurs, fundraisers and developers to gain access to targeted amount in form of capital, funds, donations, manpower, social awareness and help promote brand. Millions of crowdfunding campaigns created and ended unsuccessfully due to lack of strategic planning to manage campaign.

But not all Independent crowdfunding campaigns owners are aware of following and managing such crowdfunding checklist or if you are aware where to start and where to end.

Here at Fundraisingscript – Crowdfunding software provider, we are offering premium new and innovative feature. If you are crowdfunding platform owner and planing to buy crowdfunding software from you should compare our different offer from hiring crowdfunding software developer to offer “Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist” feature in your campaign owners and being able to manage list as soon as they complete tasks.

How this feature will works?


What is included?

  1. This checklist feature will be configured, composed and maintained by crowdfunding platform owner from our admin panel, where admin will be able to prepare checklist for campaign owner and team.


  1. Once checklist is composed and configured by crowdfunding platform owner, it can be make available to campaign owner in front end from create campaign page or campaign dashboard.



  1. Once campaign owner clicks “Manage Checklist” button to manage his crowdfunding campaign checklist he/she will be able to check each task recommended for his/her campaign.


  1. Campaign owners can track and share progress of checklist task, can actually check how many pending tasks. Even they can print, download and share completed checklist too.


How to compose?

Preparing and designing a rock solid crowdfunding campaign checklist is a real challenge. Conducting surveys and following task list followed by successful campaign owner is best way to compose checklist. How ever there are dozens of crowdfunding campaign checklist have been suggested by different crowdfunding marketing professionals and other entities based on their extensive experience would be real time saver for you.

Here are few suggestions


Get in touch now to get this feature included in your crowdfunding platform.