Imagine, You With Your Niche Crowdfunding Website. It’s Easier To Start Than You Think

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In today’s digital world, #crowdfunding is a new and quickly growing industry, because Crowdfunding now makes it possible for you to actually come up with the money to bring your idea alive and get your business going. Internet has given the new shape to #crowdfunding sector to raise funds and collect funds from across the globe via different crowdfunding platforms which does work to bring both project creators & backers on a common platform to bring dreams into reality.

Over the last few years there has been the explosion of crowdfunding platforms and from those selecting right niche or category is really confusing as crowdfunding market has clearly shown growth in all business model such as reward crowdfunding , equity crowdfunding,real estate crowdfunding, donation crowdfunding as per below chart.

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History and Evolution of Crowdfunding

After lots of research i find that new platforms are emerging and trending with certain niche, industry or market to fulfill the needs of specific groups which previously were not supported by some famous 3rd party crowdfunding platforms or which was removed by some famous third party crowdfunding platforms third party.

For example :

-> Website named Cruzu which is industry specific built only for wine which connects wine makers from around the world and mess up the industries and market in which they operate along with crowdfunding as a whole.

-> Website named Seed&Spark is a niche crowdfunding platform that is focused on crowdfunding for films. According to data which i had represent below shows clear picture that campaign success rates for niche crowdfunding platform Seed&Spark is high in films compare to 3rd party platform which runs film campaign.

On Seed&Spark film campaigns success rates – 70%
On 3rd Party Platforms campaigns success rates – around 40%

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Crowdfunding campaign rates get more success when it is tailored according to the user experience and community support as per niche market and industry specific crowdfunding platform.

Thanks to FUNDRAISINGSCRIPT.COM a big name in providing White label Crowdfunding Software which have made it simple for anyone to launch a unique and flexible crowdfunding platform without any web development experience.As an open-source startup-point, Fundraisingscript provides everything one would need to get a website up and running.For those, who are not technical knowledge and fear that they will not be able to build a functional portal on their own, there are other options available.

Keeping in mind these factors inspires us to develop Easy & Fast own custom crowdfunding platform with your own niche, industry, location similar and even more advanced features like other famous 3rd party platforms.

It’s Easier To Start With Own Custom Crowdfunding Platform With These Outstanding Features :

With powerful crowdfunding platform solution provider Fundraisingscript, you can easily build your own niche crowdfunding platforms easily and fast.

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