Who can start real estate crowdfunding website?

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Many articles and blogs has been written on real estate crowdfunding website but very few of them talk about who should and who can start real estate crowdfunding website using our real estate crowdfunding software.

Real Estate Investors

If you fall in one of the following investor category or leading group of your type of investor category and looking to expand your investment capabilities you can think about starting your real estate crowdfunding website.

  • Angel Investors
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Banks
  • Personal Investors

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate sales brokers help people buying properties and guiding throughout the Your-Ultimate-Real-Estate-Crowdfunding-Solutionprocess of buying and selling homes. Moreover showing homes to prospective buyers, agents help buyers with property valuation, financing, mortgages and government programs. However acquiring license from respective states(or country) they are working is must to be able to to work as Agent and broker. Each state has its own licensing system(for USA) and requirements that include some type of pre-licensing course and a state-specific licensing examination.

Buyer’s Representative: Real estate agents who focus on working directly with property buyer-clients can start real estate crowdfunding to invite real estate developer to publish property development projects to get crowd invested by investors or for crowd sell to the buyers.

Seller Representative: Representatives who focus on working directly with seller-clients can start real estate crowdfunding website.

Commercial Real Estate

Specialized commercial agents working for the income-producing properties,like office buildings, industrial parks, retail stores, shopping centers and apartment complexes. Commercial real estate professionals guide customers evaluate a property’s potential income and offer guidance regarding local tax laws.

Commercial Investment Member & Commercial Real Estate Advisor  are those professionals who work closely with commercial real estate like income generating properties for those who want to invest in commercial real estate market. Commercial real estate is pure market for real estate crowdfunding website.

Property Management

Commercial and residential property manager professionals who are managing and maintaining properties for investors seeking creamy returns from their investment in properties can couple or partner with commercial and residential real estate agents because property managers are those whose involved in budgeting and leasing of both residential properties like apartment buildings, condominiums and commercial properties like office buildings and shopping centers.

Real Estate Appraisal

Professional experts known as real estate appraisal who are specialized in valuation of properties to help people and businesses find the assessed value for tax purposes, investment value, present value for potential investors, book value for accounting purposes, rental value and insurable value. Just like property managers, real estate appraisal can couple or partner with commercial and residential real estate agents to start their own real estate crowdfunding website.


Here is other category of professional who work around real estate industry can also start real estate crowdfunding website.

  • Real estate counselors
  • Real estate developers
  • Farm and land brokers
  • Land developers
  • Urban planners

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