Get YOUR OWN Crowdfunding Website For Almost Any Idea!

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The future of crowdfunding is bright. As Crowdfunding platforms raised over $16.2bn in 2014.Predicting the global sector to reach $34.4bn in 2015.So their is a massive growth in crowdfunding as many individuals associate crowdfunding as an easy or free way of making money.

There are more than 600 crowdfunding platforms around the world, with fundraising reaching billions of dollars annually.Success isn’t always guaranteed based on choosing the best platform, but It requires a lot of effort to establish a project that backers will perceive as a valuable service.

What’s the point of using crowdfunding platforms if they depend on our effort to promote our own project and their websites while charging you 5% of the funds?Even after our lot of efforts and planning not all projects are able to succeed, projects with excellent ideas end up failing, whereas others with simple premises flourish beyond all expectations.Some platforms won’t allow any projects related to verticals like pets, fashion, innovation, logistics, finance,Marine, SAAS,Sports,Movies etc.

With all this in mind– We at FUNDRAISINGSCRIPT provides you with the art of powerful fundraising solution distilled in one software.With FundraisingScript you can launch your own customize crowdfunding website as per your needs and idea or you may run a single page for your crowdfunding campaign on your own website so that even after the campaign was over all that marketing effort would still be pointing to your website, not the site ‘hosting’ your project.

We can provide you with some unique and innovative features which are displayed below:-


With the help of this innovative features you can :-

  • Easy to create & configure your own branded crowdfunding platform.
  • Customize the platform for your specific needs, to match with your requirements.
  • Avoid waste of time & cost involved in building platform from scratch.
  • Don’t have to make any major investments in the software.
  • Focus on Projects & campaigns.
  • Ongoing support & maintenance options.