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Fundraising Script's white label REIT management software is designed to simplify investment management while offering key metrics to drive informed decisions. Our real estate crowdfunding platform enables you to create a dynamic buy-to-sell or buy-to-rent property.

List new commercial or residential projects for investors to explore, review, and invest directly through our real estate investment management software's online portal.
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Make Decisions Based On Data, Not Intuition

Think optimized investment strategies, investor management at your fingertips, and insights that power intelligent decisions. Our Data Aggregation Services (DAS) enabled real estate investment management software empowers you with advanced analytics tools to track and analyze ARRS specific to your REIT investments.

Need to assess the impact of investments on your ROI? Our real estate investment management software integrates sophisticated financial modeling tools to calculate and present IRRS provided by sponsors.

Get real-time insights into the performance of your portfolio based on operational, administrative, and financial metrics at a glance.

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Enhance Investor Experiences

Our REIT management software not only simplifies the investment process and due diligence for investors. It enables you to keep them engaged while reinforcing a sense of security and trust.

Expand Your Reach

With multiple language support, including RTL and LTR layouts, you can reach investors on a global scale. Our REIT management software enables you to create a bootstrap design that adapts to multiple platforms, making your business accessible to investors. Moreover, you can build a professionally designed knowledge base that enables users to understand your platform features better.

Highlight Your Latest Campaigns

Make select projects stand out with static banner images or dynamic sliders to attract investors and grow your portfolio instantly. Our platform also allows users to follow their favorite campaigns and stay in the know.

Need a way to keep them talking? Simply show them how you are putting their money to work with a progress meter that gives an overview of each campaign.

Keep Investors In The Loop

Our newsletter system lets you update investors on your latest campaigns and developments. You can also enable custom alerts and email notifications on their account activities.

Our real estate investment management software also allows you to maintain user engagement and build a community by enabling users to invite friends via social media. The best part? They can follow each other and connect within your platform.

Payments And More Made Secure

Our real estate crowdfunding software not only prevents fake sign-ups and spam by leveraging Captcha-enabled sign-ups. It also comes with multi-layer security measures that prevent hacking, SQL injections, and more.

What’s more? Our Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) integrations make it easy for users to seamlessly and securely onboard. With multiple secure gateways from industry leaders to facilitate payments, users can invest confidently.

Management Simplified

From creating unlimited campaigns and handling documents to choosing your preferred payment gateways and currencies, our REIT crowdfunding software makes it easy for you to manage your white label real estate management platform. Manage your teams, facilitate social sharing, and access analytics to understand user behavior.

You can also take your campaigns to the next level by showcasing their key features, creating stunning media galleries, announcing updates, and highlighting current investors and previous findings.

Moreover, our REIT crowdfunding platform gives you the power to control your brand image by moderating comments and managing multiple company profiles in one place. Looking for an easy way to attract investors? Simply automate return calculations and display them on your platform.


We Simplify The Tech Stuff

Our intuitive admin platform consolidates all the essential administrative and back-end features you need to run your investment fund business. Leverage our Content Management System with integrated Google Analytics to manage your entire website and track user behavior. You can also oversee campaigns, investor accreditation status, and control dropdown options to maximize flexibility.

Moreover, our REIT crowdfunding software can also facilitate engagement by enabling social media integration. Looking for an easy way to manage contracts, investments, dynamic service fees, and even deal parameters with dedicated modules? We’ve got you covered.

Your Platform, Your Way

Fundraising Script gives you the freedom to choose how you want your business to be seen by the investors. With our white-label REIT management software, you can tailor the look and feel of your platform to stay on brand, from adding your business logo to incorporating unique design elements.

Want to accelerate your real estate crowdfunding software launch? Simply choose from our collection of predesigned templates to minimize development time. We also make it possible to speed up the setup process with easy-to-configure options for rapid deployment.

Find a template that works for you.

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