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Crowdfunding software payment gateway

Introduction to our crowdfunding software payment gateway

Web Crowdfunding portrays a business plan where project owners raise funds by holding events that request contributors from a large number of stakeholders. In other words, crowdfunding is all about sourcing important funds using other people. Nowadays, online crowdfunding events are increasingly popular as a way to raise funds. If you are also planning to launch your startup business through online crowdfunding software, then it will be a very great idea for you to make your dream come true.payment Gateways

Besides this, you should also know the importance of a payment gateway for effective Web crowdfunding. A fast, secure, and easy payment module will help provide a smooth online funding experience. The right and secure payment gateway choice is very important because payments are the lifeblood of an effective web crowdfunding procedure.

At, we mainly build crowdfunding software, which mainly offers four pre-installed payment gateways. Below are the main 3 Pre-installed payment gateways we offer with our crowdfunding software.

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1.  Paypal Adaptive

It is a well know global payment platform that enables developers to select the payment scenario most suitable to their needs and allows them to control entire transactions within a single interface. The Paypal Adaptive works on multiple platforms, including the web and mobile.

PayPal has shown its worth: firms that use it have a 44% better checkout conversion rate. They also provide fraud prevention, live assistance, and complete cart flexibility, which is compatible with all significant checkout processes and e-commerce sites.

2.  Plaid

Plaid is a fintech firm connecting financial services applications with consumer banks and credit card issuers. This payment gateway works with your bank throughout a transaction to protect your login credentials.

Plaid promises to utilize best-in-class encryption technologies to safeguard consumers’ data.

Many financial businesses have a valid purpose of accessing part of your financial data. A portfolio aggregator may want access to your investments, or a budgeting website may require access to your bank and credit card activities. Using Plaid, these sites may obtain this information without requiring your bank or payment card login details.

3.  WePay

WePay is a great payment processing website to start accepting payments online, from donation campaigns to online merchants or events.

WePay is a business of Chase Bank. It provides a single platform to manage cash flow, process payments, and make payouts all in one location.

You may receive same-day deposits for free if you have a Chase Bank account. It provides several payment methods. The Card Tokenization function allows you to preserve sensitive data such as credit card details as tokens. WePay’s all-in-one platform is its greatest asset. It is simple to use and integrates well with other systems.

4.  Stripe

Stripe is amongst the most famous payment gateways that offer the convenience of accepting online credit and debit card payments. Several globally known crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have used this handy and secure money transfer method.

Stripe is a reliable payment gateway that assures a seamless cash transfer in your business while integrating with the application interface. It allows you to avoid fraud with high security, manage revenue, and drive sales internationally. It also has an open API for interacting with your company environment.

5.  LemonWay

Lemonway allows the most widely used payment options, including SEPA, PayLib, iDeal, Visa, and MasterCard, and provides a safe solution for any transaction, including crowdfunding.

It’s a payment institution regulated by Banque de France which keeps customer money on behalf of third parties. The service conducts KYC (Know Your Customer) inspections on payment accounts created by your clients under the most recent European legislation.

As one of the significant crowdfunding payment systems, the firm uses AI to develop filters and blocking criteria that are in keeping with the crowdfunding industry.

6.  Assembly

Assembly Payments is a robust integrated online payment platform that enables businesses to accept, handle, and distribute payments in various ways. Numerous well-known companies like Ordermentum, Wise, Beforepay, etc., fully trust this platform’s valuable services.

With future features to ease complicated payment operations, Assembly Payments enables organizations to operationalize frictionless transactions internationally. Assembly provides comprehensive API automation capabilities that assist companies in streamlining payment flows for optimal efficiency.

Businesses can also connect various payment systems through a single interface for faster delivery. Additionally, administrators can modify procedures and supervise daily operations.

7.  Uphold

Various financial services and products are available through the cryptocurrency platform Uphold. There are almost 220 cryptocurrencies and other assets that users may buy, sell, or trade using it.

Uphold’s costs are straightforward. Its fee structure differs from that of many other cryptocurrency exchanges. No commissions, deposits, or maker-taker fees are charged. Instead, Uphold earns money through spread fees, a little premium you pay over the market price. Because of these spread costs, you may pay a greater price than rivals. In general, people wishing to invest across many asset classes on one platform may find it to be a wise decision.

8.  PrimeTrust

Payment processing company PrimeTrust is situated in the US. The business purchased FundAmerica, a platform for equity crowdfunding utilized by StartEngine.

Integrating PrimeTrust allows you to manage and process customer funds in traditional currencies, such as USD, or digital currencies, such as BTC. PrimeTrust may act as your custodian, handling administrative tasks, KYC/AML compliance, and other responsibilities.

9.  CC Avenue

CCAvenue was established in 2001 and has become a dominant force in the digital payment gateway industry. This implies that they enable online clients to make payments via cash cards, debit cards, electronic and mobile wallets, internet banking, and credit cards. Customers may conveniently use a secure and private payment method to purchase from merchants.

They support a wide range of industries, including hospitality, teaching, event planning, retail, and travel, among many others.

10. PayStack

PayStack supports money transfers, continuing interest distributions, identity management, and the setting of custom triggers on financing and crowdfunding sites.

Along with these advantages, the PayStack crowdsourcing payment gateway also provides an API that you can utilize to create a one-of-a-kind financial mammoth.

FarmCrowdy, which specializes in sustainable finance in Nigeria, is among the most well-known crowdfunding platforms in Africa with which PayStack collaborates.

11. Braintree

Braintree is a PayPal payment gateway. It is intended to simplify the payment procedure. It provides commerce solutions for users to develop worldwide enterprises, receive payments, and engage in commerce. It provides tools and resources that enable firms to grow their operations globally.

One of the primary aspects is data security. It is accomplished by utilizing the Braintree vault, which securely stores the retailers’ payment information. It also aids in spotting and responding to possible dangers.

Some of the most prominent businesses, like Uber, Dropbox, GitHub, Yelp, StubHub, and others, use it as a payment platform.

12. Mangopay

For several platforms throughout Europe, Mangopay manages online payments. They collaborate with other firms in a business-to-business (B2B) partnership, notably marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms. Mangopay provides them with user authentication services, which are necessary for several types of payments in Europe, along with payment technologies.

Because their payment system is so adaptable, various platforms use it in multiple industries. They have supported over 2,500 platforms since 2013, ranging in size from small businesses and startups to well-known brands.

13. Goji

Goji is an FCA-regulated investing platform and manager of Innovative Finance ISAs (IFISAs).

It collaborates with new borrowers, investment firms, and fintech businesses to provide technology for investor signup, speedier payments, and white-label ISA and SIPP accounts.

Goji presently administers about 12,000 accounts across many platforms, with a dedicated staff of Customer Service Executives online and via phone.

14. Escrow

Escrow is an established and permitted description of a finance management technique where a foreign entity holds the cash and investment on behalf of the consumer and supplier. It is a commercial transaction including a purchasing and selling procedure involving two parties (the buyer and the seller). In commercial agreements and while purchasing items, there may be uncertainty about whether the other party will satisfy standards. For security, customers deposit money in escrow once the order arrives specified. Escrow is a trustworthy electronic business that provides fair payments.

15.  Go

Modern Direct Deposit technology is available in Europe, the UK, and North America thanks to GoCardless.

It is simple to implement into your platform for crowdfunding. It enables anybody with a bank account to contribute to your products.

Because bank accounts are concerned, you don’t have to do additional KYC checks, which is a significant advantage. Additionally, Go Cardless has some of the lowest transaction costs in the market.

16. FundAmerica

FundAmerica offers escrow accounts for crowdfunding sites, whereas PrimeTrust provides “intermediary” wallets for investors, fundraisers, and the platform.

FundAmerica is suited for conventional online crowdsourcing since it lets to create an account into which the cash will be sent from numerous investors. The money is handed to the fundraiser after the successful campaign completion.

For automatic payment processing on your US-based crowdfunding platform, LenderKit interacts with FundAmerica.

17. TNG Wallet

TNG Wallet stands for Touch ‘n Go eWallet. It is a Malaysian e-wallet and digital payment gateway that provides its customers with a straightforward and quick way to make payments.

The TNG wallet uses a QR code to allow users to make purchases at approximately 280,000 retail touchpoints. These include toll booths, on-street parking, e-commerce sites or apps, ride-sharing services, taxis, bill payment kiosks, and food delivery services. It is a highly convenient and rapid method of making electronic purchases for numerous operations.

18. Dwolla

Meet Dwolla, the latest payment gateway service provider (and industry disruptor): a tool for shifting funds. Dwolla retailers may take bank payments easily as a money transfer solution, with extra e-business services like checkout process plugins and a website connection. Wunder, an investment firm, and Goat, a sneaker-selling app, already utilize it.

The Dwolla service provides same-day and next-day ACH payment transactions. It is straightforward and free of standard gateway infrastructure costs. So, if you’re looking for the most up-to-date bank authentication and transfer choices, go no further.

For the success of your crowdfunding campaign, choosing a suitable and secure payment gateway is essential. When evaluating the options, it is recommended that you look at your estimated volume of monthly transactions, currency requirements, hosting considerations, desired user experience, the level of support required, and available integrations of your chosen platforms. If you want more insight into payment gateways, look at 4PP: 4 Pre-installed Payment Gateways by

If you want to know more about our Crowdfunding software, contact us or look at the online demo.

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