Fundraisingscript : Customize White Label Crowdfunding Platforms

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Introduction Lines :
According to data published by Forbes, the crowdfunding industry grew by more than 92% in 2014 alone. With such growth in crowdfunding industry plug-and play-white-label options are increasing as the technology solutions and it becomes easier to reach a crowd via pay-per click advertising and other Facebook-sponsored posts.

With the emergence of some famous white label crowdfunding providers like Selfstarter,,, Invested.In etc, more and more individuals and organizations are moving away from the well-known third-party crowdfunding platforms and are opting to host their perk- or donation-based fundraising campaigns on their own websites because white label crowdfunding platforms provides robust solutions to launch project/campaign on their own domains which is called independent crowdfunding and even help to set up their own crowdfunding platform similar to some famous crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc.

What is fundraisingscript and how it benefits you in building customize crowdfunding platforms?

Fundraisingscript a popular white label solution which is a web based crowdfunding software that offers individuals/companies/enterprises/organizations a customized and ready to use crowdfunding platform which will save time and money by launching your own platform within a matter of minutes!

With our crowdfunding software you can build and setup your niche crowdfunding website for your business and brand.

Advanced Features Which Will Motivate You To Build Your Own Professional Crowdfunding Platform :

Responsive Technology : With the help of advance responsive technology with optimized bootstrap you can able to use and run our script from multiple platforms.


Responsive Technology

Progress Meter : With this feature you can measure your crowdfunding progress for each campaign to get overview of campaign at first glance.


Progress Meter

Payment Gateway : Secure and multiple payment gateway integration i.e Paypal adaptive, Stripe,Wallet and many more.You can even integrate your own payment gateways easily.


Payment Gateway

Multiple Currency : With this feature user has ability to create campaign in currency supported by country he/she living in.


Multiple Currency

Multiple Language : Now it’s easy for you to implement your preferred language in the script with the help of  RTL/LTR feature. Multi language support with almost all languages including RTL and LTR.


Multiple Language Support

Get Social : User ability to share campaign over social networking website easily to get maximum social attention and can increase traffic on campaign page. Social media integration with different API’s like social sharing, social login, social invite.


Get Social

CMS : Complete CMS module to manage pages and content for website. With this feature you and your users can create projects, details pages etc.



SEO Friendly : This feature comes with  stable, SEO-friendly URL architecture which improve your website’s search engine visibility.It allows you to get the most out of your website with improved discover ability in search engine results.


SEO Friendly

User Follow : User ability to follow each other to grow friends and community on platform. With this feature you can add more users and follow and grow more connections.


User Follow

Live Support : With this feature we give 24/7 live support which will prove to be the most effective way to communicate with customers and website  visitors.


Live Support

You can view more features here : Visit our feature list HERE  and enjoy our exclusive online demo

Benefits Of Using our crowdfunding software for Your Crowdfunding Platform/Business :

  • Easy to create & configure your own branded crowdfunding platform.
  • Software Customization is always easy to do to fit in your requirement.
  • 4 Pre – installed payment gateways (PayPal,Stripe,We Pay and Wallet)
  • Server requirement is very cost effective. (PHP Hosting required)
  • Ongoing dedicate support & maintenance options include (Skype and email support)

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