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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to white label crowdfunding software:

Design & Package

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). read more

What is custom design and what does it included?

Custom design is website template designed as per custom and unique requirements. Fundraisingscript.com will keep your custom design unique and exclusive for you.

What it will cost to add custom design bundle/combo?

To know more about cost: Contact us now

Can I add custom design bundle/combo to hiring crowdfunding developer package?

Yes, of course

How can I provide my custom design requirements?

Provide your custom and unique design requirements in terms of text (email), layout design, and screenshot from another website you like most, wireframes, and mock-up or reference links to website you like most. Many times we are sending few question and answer of all question would be your best design requirement. We are pretty good at this.

Payment gateway Integrations into Crowdfunding software

What is a payment gateway in the context of crowdfunding software?

A payment gateway is a service that facilitates the secure transfer of funds from backers to project creators on a crowdfunding platform. It processes payment transactions and ensures the security of financial data.

What payment gateways can I integrate with my white label crowdfunding software?

The ability to integrate specific payment gateways depends on your business model. Common options include PayPal, Stripe, Square, and various regional gateways. Contact us today for a more detailed discussion.

How do I choose the right payment gateway for my crowdfunding platform?

Consider factors like transaction fees, supported currencies, geographical coverage, security features, and ease of integration. Choose a gateway that aligns with your platform's needs and target audience.

Is it necessary to integrate multiple payment gateways into my crowdfunding platform?

It's not necessary, but it can be beneficial for offering flexibility to your users. Multiple gateways can accommodate different user preferences and geographic locations.

Do I need a merchant account with my white label crowdfunding software to use a payment gateway?

Some payment gateways require a merchant account, while others do not. Check the specific requirements of the payment gateway you intend to use.

How do I ensure the security of financial transactions with my integrated payment gateway?

Your payment gateway should adhere to industry security standards, such as PCI DSS compliance. Additionally, ensure that your crowdfunding platform uses HTTPS and encrypts sensitive data.

Can I customize the payment process for my crowdfunding platform when using a payment gateway?

Yes, many white label crowdfunding solutions allow you to customize the payment process to match your platform's branding and user experience.

What fees are associated with payment gateway integrations?

Payment gateway fees typically include transaction fees, monthly fees, and possibly setup fees. Be sure to understand the fee structure before integration.

How long does integrating a payment gateway with white label crowdfunding software take to integrate?

The time required for integration can vary depending on the complexity of the gateway and your software. It can take a few days to a few weeks to complete the process.

What happens if a payment is declined or fails?

It's essential to have a clear process for handling declined or failed payments, including notifying backers and project creators and providing options for resolving the issue.

Can I access transaction data and reports through the payment gateway integration?

Most payment gateways provide transaction data and reporting tools that can help you monitor and manage payments on your crowdfunding platform.

What happens in case of a dispute or chargeback?

It's essential to have a dispute resolution process in place. The payment gateway may guide on handling chargebacks and disputes.

Do payment gateways support international transactions and multiple currencies?

Many payment gateways offer international support and currency conversion, but the availability of these features can vary, so check with your chosen gateway.

Can I add new payment gateways or switch providers after the platform is live?

Adding new gateways or switching providers is usually possible, but it may require additional development work and potential disruption to your platform, so plan this carefully.

Contract, Agreement, Affidavit

What is contract, what does it include and why signing it is required?

Contract is legal document signed between two parties(You and Fundraisingscript.com in this case) which includes terms of services, terms of payments, bounds and other confirmations- agreements from both parties before purchase of product.

Signing contract is required to make sure that you have read and understood what we are offering in product package you are buying and you are aware of it as well as you are agreed to it if you are signing it.

What is agreement, what does it include and why signing it is required?

Agreement is document signed for mutual understanding which will include terms of server, terms of use and terms of payments.
Signing agreement is required to make sure that you have read and understood what we are offering in product package you are buying and you are aware of it as well as you are agreed to it if you are signing it.

Can I take a look at draft/demo contract? What is contract, what does it include and why signing it is required?

Sure Contact us now

What is affidavit, what does it include and why signing it is required?

Affidavit is legal notary document you have done through domestic lawyer and signed to make sure you are going to strictly follow what is written in affidavit and ready to pursue any legal action if breach to that affidavit signed by you is found.

Can I take a look at draft/demo affidavit content and how does it look like?

Sure Contact us now

Can I take a look at draft/demo agreement?

Sure Contact us now


Is this script come with one domain license?

Yes this script comes with single domain license. If you want to install it on other domains you have to pay fee for each domain license.

Do you offer script that satisfies all my customization needs?

Yes we offer script and website customization service and support which best fits our client requirements with each license.

What are the payment services available?

We are accepting payments via Bank Transfer.

Which programing language and frame work used for fundraising script?

Whole fundraising script products are built front-end in ReactJs and backend is in NodeJs.