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Planning & Analysis

Before initiating the development, it is important to understand the requirements and scope of work for the project. A detailed planning & analysis will help us determine the Crowdfunding platform idea based on the basic needs and goals set by the client.


Once the analysis is completed, it’s time for recommending the right Crowdfunding platform. The whole success of your product depends upon the platform you choose. Hence, we make sure to recommend the best Crowdfunding solution based on the analysis and particular requirements for the product/service. We drive towards working for mutual benefit and understand that choosing the right Crowdfunding script is the most important step of developing a successful Crowdfunding portal for our client. At, we offer custom solutions for every type of Crowdfunding platform requirements after a thorough research of the market.

Jack Dorsey

(Founder and CEO Of Twitter)

Everyone has an idea. But, it's really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you work on the idea.


Wireframe, also considered to be the page schematic or screen blueprint, is actually a skeletal body of a webpage. A wireframe is very much necessary in the current age of digital industry. Even after thorough planning & analysis as well as choosing the right platform, only a perfect wireframe can offer a transparent idea about the end product. Such wireframing can help our clients to approve the design blueprint so our team can move over to the next phase of designing & development. A perfect wireframe will help the client understand the anatomy of the website determining the positioning of each element or section on the website. They can also make changes if they prefer to switch the positions of a particular element with any other or add a new element.

A perfect wireframe would also help our designers and developers to understand the proper work flow and the functionality of the website. At, we make sure that all the inputs from the client is smartly embed in the website based on wireframing.

Jeff Bezos

(Founder of Amazon)

A Company shouldn't get addicted to being shiny because shiny doesn't last.


With the growing digital industry, the design of the Crowdfunding platform becomes the key element that determines whether the users would find it attractive or not. Hence, we emphasize a lot of creating a website which is eye-catching, informative, and at the same time offers a neat layout that keeps the user engaged all the time.

This phase requires a lot of creative efforts of our design team, which helps us design the right design for the website. We try to utilize unique concepts that allow us to create a distinctive identity to each product we design at FundraisingScript. No matter, how efficient your product is, without a great design, it wouldn’t attract many eyeballs. At, we understand this fact and take it too seriously during the designing phase of the projects.

Steve Jobs

(Founder of Apple)

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


After the design layout is fixed, it's time for a Nonfunctional Prototype for the client to play with. This phase is actually between Design and Development that helps clients to understand how the final product would be. Though nonfunctional, a prototype would give the right feel about the final product and gives us the right base to move on to the next phase of developing the final product. With this prototype, a client could offer a demo to their investors or stakeholders and get approval or green signal for the project.

The prototype wouldn’t only focus on the functionality part, but it would also determine the proper locations of different elements or sections mandatory for displaying the information for the end-users whether textual content, images or videos. The client can easily get the right feel about the end product perfectly through this prototype of the end-product before entering its development phase.


The next phase is developing the final product. The development process becomes quite easy with the help of our custom Crowdfunding scripts each designed for the specific Crowdfunding platform. Even though, there is a ready-made Crowdfunding script, it still needs to be integrated based on the design and layout approved by the client. Also, we put a lot of emphasis on putting the basic elements such as Contact Info, Company Info and the content about the Crowdfunding objectives.

Our development team, with their technical expertise and thorough experience in the industry, understand the full layout and workflow of the design and then integrates the script with simple plug and play features and get the final product ready.

Bill Gates

(Founder of Microsoft)

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

QA Analysis

The work doesn’t end with the development of the final product. It has to pass the Quality Assurance Test by our expert QA team. The basic duty of the QA team is to use different test cases to ensure that the final product is functioning properly at all ends. They make sure to note down each technical glitch, junk value or functional failure and report it to the development team. Based on the QA report, the development team must rectify all the errors or issues with the functionality of the final product.


After rectifying all the errors and issues with the product and getting it approved by the QA team, we would deploy the Crowdfunding platform successfully to the client’s server. Final delivery is crucial as it is the ultimate test on the client’s server and helps determine whether the product is ready for release on the web.

Final QA

Once the final product is delivered perfectly on the client’s server, it is ready for the final QA analysis. The product can only be launched after the approval by the QA team after final analysis.


The Crowdfunding platform is ready to launch after getting the green signal after final analysis of the QA team.

Jack Ma

(Founder of Alibaba)

If you want to grow, find a good opportunity. Today, if you want to be a great company, think about what social problem you could solve.