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General Features

General Features of Real Estate Crowdfunding Script

Check out the general features of our real estate crowdfunding platform script.

Our Real estate crowdfunding script is packed with powerful features that empower individuals and organizations to make a difference. With its responsive design, secure payment gateways, and user-friendly interface, our platform enables seamless fundraising for a wide range of causes.

Admin/Backend Features

Check out the admin/backend features of our real estate crowdfunding platform software.

Our Real estate crowdfunding script is packed with easy-to-use features for both website administrators and users. The intuitive admin panel provides complete control over campaign management, social media integration, payment gateways, CMS, user management, Google Analytics, dynamic service fees, and campaign feedback.

With this comprehensive set of tools, you can effortlessly manage your crowdfunding platform and empower your users to make a difference.

  • Easy to Use Easy to Use

    Easy to use admin panel with all features you need as platform admin.

  • Campaign Management Campaign Management

    Campaign management module for admin to manage all campaign from one place.

  • Social Media Social Media

    Social media integration with different apis like social sharing, social login, social invite.

  • Payment Gateway Payment Gateway

    Secure and multiple payment gateway integration i.e Paypal adaptive, Stripe, Wallet & Manual Bank Wire.


    Complete cms module to manage pages and content for website.

  • User Management User Management

    Easy user management module to add/edit/delete users from backend.

  • Google Analytics Google Analytics

    Integration of Google analytic to track traffic and nature of users.

  • Contract Management Contract Management

    Complete contract management system to manage dynamic contract content.

  • Dynamic Service Fees Dynamic Service Fees

    Easily edit and configure percentage fees admin wants to earn from each investments on each campaign.

  • Investment Management Investment Management

    Easy and complete investment management module to receive, confirm and manage investments from investors.

  • Campaign Feedback Campaign Feedback

    Complete campaign feedback module to provide feedback and communicate with campaign owner to launch campaign.

  • Deal Management Deal Management

    Easy deal management module to enable/disable and edit parameters of equity, debt, profit sharing and convertible equity.

  • Accreditation Process Accreditation Process

    Admin ability to manage investors with their accreditation status manually/via api.

  • Dropdown Management Dropdown Management

    Admin ability to manage prefilled data represented as dropdown options from backend.

Campaign Owner Features

Check out the campaign owner's features of our real estate crowdfunding platform script.

The donation crowdfunding platform script offers a variety of features for campaign owners, including the ability to create unlimited campaigns, choose a payment gateway, and track campaign progress using Google Analytics.

The platform is also secure, with password encryption and a secure platform for uploading personal information. In addition, campaign owners can manage their teams, get social, and embed their campaigns on their websites or blogs.