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Fundraise Smarter, Invest Confidently

Are you an investment firm juggling spreadsheets and manual processes, battling against time zones and mountains of paperwork in your search for lucrative deals in real estate and startup investments?

Fundraising Script is your all-in-one, white label private equity management software designed to streamline your workflow, empower your decisions, and help you get more out of your fundraising campaigns.


No More...

  • Chaotic spreadsheets bursting with investor data and deal specifics.
  • Endless email threads and phone calls chasing updates and documents.
  • Cumbersome due diligence processes riddled with errors and inefficiencies.
  • Missed opportunities due to sluggish communication and data silos.

Fundraising Simplified

Simplify and streamline private fundraising processes with our intuitive white label private equity management software, ensuring a seamless journey from initiation to success.

Digital Evolution for Investments

Transform your investment operations through digitization, leveraging our cutting-edge private equity portfolio management software to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance.

Supercharge Performance Efficiency

Unlock the full potential of your operations with tools designed to enhance performance efficiency, providing you with a competitive edge in the market.


Rapid Launch for Success

Accelerate your soft launch or MVP development, reducing time-to-market and ensuring a swift and successful entry into the business landscape.

Seal the Deal

Our private equity deal management software enables you to close more private equity deals than ever before. Get the strategic edge you need to secure and navigate lucrative investment opportunities.

Powerful data visualization

Gain instant insights into your fundraising progress, investor behavior, and portfolio performance through dynamic dashboards and reports with our private equity portfolio management software.

Manage Your Investment World with Unmatched Visibility and Control

Our white label private equity management software allows you to manage investors and fundraisers with unparalleled precision, from initial outreach to final closing. Cultivate meaningful connections, track progress, and gain real-time insights, all within your secure, tailored environment.

Thanks to the intuitive interface and powerful features of our white label private equity management software, you can easily attract, engage, and close deals with confidence, all within a secure, centralized hub built for your success. Elevate your investment strategy, maximize returns, and leave the manual work behind.

Explore The Back Office

Defining User Roles for Seamless Team Collaboration

Say goodbye to blanket access and the risk of data breaches. With our private equity software's granular permissions, you can control what everyone sees, eliminating ambiguity and ensuring everyone has the right information at the right time.

Whether you are working with advisors, investment managers, portfolio managers, lawyers, or accountants, you can assign specific roles to each user, granting them access to precise information based on their needs and responsibilities.

  • Boost efficiency and productivity
    by eliminating time wasted in searching for relevant information.
  • Enhance security and compliance
    by restricting access to sensitive data based on user roles.
  • Empower informed decision-making
    by providing each team member with the specific information they need.
  • Build trust and transparency
    through a clear and accountable workflow.
See How It Works

Introduce the Power of Private Equity

Unlock a new dimension of investor attraction and engagement with our private equity portfolio management software by building a vibrant platform within your private placements portal.

Attract And Retain Investors

Foster A Thriving Ecosystem

Enhance Investor Deal Flow

One Platform, Dual Power

Ditch the data silos and double down on efficiency. Fundraising Script isn't just a private equity software; it's a platform that seamlessly integrates both private equity and private debt investment flows.

Run parallel campaigns

Manage dedicated fundraising efforts for equity and debt investments under one unified platform.

Streamlined workflows

Optimize processes for both equity and debt fundraising, eliminating redundancies and saving you valuable time.

Tailored data management

Track specific metrics and generate reports relevant to each type of investment, ensuring clear visibility and control.

Deeper investor insights

Gain a holistic view of investor preferences and participation across both asset classes, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Streamline Transactions and Securely Scale Investments with Integrated Payments

Managing financial transactions shouldn't be a bottleneck in your fundraising process. Our private equity fund management software’s integrated payment solutions offer a smooth and secure way to automate transactions, streamline operations, and increase investor engagement and convenience, leading to higher deal completion rates.

  • Integrate payment processors and put fund disbursements, payouts and investments on autopilot.
  • Choose the system that best fits your workflow, whether it's a preferred payment platform or basic invoicing.
  • Expedite deal funding, simultaneously handle transactions and scale private fundraising deals efficiently without compromising security or control.
  • Digitize operations, from automating KYC/AML verification online to eliminating manual paperwork.

Change The Way You Raise Funds
With Our White Label Private Equity Management Software

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