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Renewable Energy Crowdfunding

A crowdfunding platform especially developed to fulfill the requirements of green energy funding. The platform will help your clients to present the green energy project in the most appealing way.

Go Green! Fund Green!

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Introduction to Renewable Energy Crowdfunding

RES crowdfunding platform from fundraising script is specially designed to support clean energy production through natural resources and generate possible revenue from crowdfunding. The platform will support all possible methods of energy production using natural resources and will be flexible implementing ROI and investment process as required.

Our product is white label crowdfunding and Fundraising platform specially designed for renewable energy sources with a one time licence fee. One can add their brand name, logos, colours, content and host it on their server. It’s fully optimized and integrated to google apps, MailChimp, and all the necesaary payment gateways.

Renewable Energy Crowdfunding

What is Renewable Energy Crowdfunding?

By definition Renewable Energy is often referred to as clean energy, comes from natural sources or processes that are constantly replenished. Examples are solar energy, wind energy.

Renewable energy has long been used by humans as source of energy using different methods. This time it is with the help of technology and for a cause of saving the environment with clean energy production.

We are eager to contribute to the renewable energy sector as a fundraising software company. We will be more than happy to assist clients round the globe to customize the Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platform as per the legalities and law of their countries.

How does Renewable Energy Crowdfunding script helps you?

Renewable Energy production is the dream replacement of all traditional energy resources we are using right now. Ofcourse, we are already using renewable energy resources for power generation. This software will help businesses to involve people and raise public funding for the project.

Not only the local involvement and interest will make the project meaningful but people may take interest based on your stedy and long term return policies which is possible if we observe closely the renewable energy resources and establishments.

Highlighting Features

  • Responsive-Design Responsive Design

    Responsive design that supports all screen sizes of both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Email-Notification Email Notification

    User ability to enable/disable email notifications based on different campaigns, user and ownership levels.

  • Payment-Gateway Payment Gateway

    Secure and multiple payment gateway integration i.e Paypal adaptive, Stripe and Wallet.

  • Secure-Platform Secure Platform

    Secure and multi layer platform to prevent hacks, sql injections and other vulnerabilities.

  • Featured-Projects Fees Management

    The backend admin can monitor and edit the platform fees that they wish to charge the campaign creators. Also the fees deduction is recorded and credited to the admin account later.

  • Invite-Friends Fund Distribution

    Well managed and transparent repayment module that follows the repayment rules defined for individual campaigns. The module will auto calculate return amount as per pre-defined rules for each campaign.

  • Campaign-Feedback Transaction Traceability

    A separate transactions section is managed in the backend that records each and every incoming and outgoing transactions performed over the platform which admin can monitor.

  • Newsletter-System ROI Calculator

    Get Return on Investment calculated on your investment amount for every project before investing in it. For solar energy projects this module is capable of calculating per cell ROI on investment that is also an inbuilt feature.

  • Newsletter-System Attractive Investor Dashboard

    Our detailed investor dashboard with easy navigation and user friendly features will make your investor experience smooth.

  • Newsletter-System Fraud Detection

    The platform is fully secured and even the fraud detection system tracks and prevents any attempt of fraud.

Start like Famous

Were you facing challenges attracting investors for your green energy project ? Or Are you willing to launch a crowdfunding platform for your Renewable Energy projects? We’re now presenting our Renewable Energy Crowdfunding platform. White labelled and fully customizable! Schedule a demo with us to know more in detail.

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How Renewable Energy Crowdfunding works?

  • 1

    Login with your personalized credentials

  • 2

    Give a Catchy and Informative headline to the campaign

  • 3

    Mention all the required details about the campaign which include the date of commencement of campaign, what is the target amount you are aiming to raise and what would be the time frame you would wish to keep this campaign live

  • 4

    Once you are done with filling all the details, you can make the campaign live so that all the investors who visit our page regularly can study about you and can invest in the campaign

  • 5

    Also u can share the link of the campaign to friends and acquaintances to help it gain more and more traction

  • 6

    Once the campaign date ends and you have met your fundraising target, you can again login and withdraw the fund which has been raised in your fundraiser