Real Estate Online CrowdFunding Trends

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Online funding trends begin to change the shape of finance in the real estate sector.Investors are using real-estate crowdfunding as an alternative way to invest money they are looking to make money with.It is revolutionizing the way investors invest and entrepreneurs raise capital.

Before Crowdfunding:
Before crowdfunding came into being, investors who wanted to invest in real estate had to find individual real estate firms and invest in them. This has changed as crowdfunding now allows investors to invest directly in projects and properties that they identify and wish to invest in. This lead to new opportunities for enterprises in their startup, growth and early stages to solve the problem of capital deficiency.  There are millions of small businesses that have no way of accessing capital as well as hundreds of millions of small investors seeking opportunities to create jobs and help businesses grow. As a result crowdfunding creates such a platform to help business grow and creates a job opportunities.

Real Estate GrowthAfter JOBSAct Passed:
The pass of JOBSAct in april 2012  by president Obama and Congress was a great milestone towards making crowdfunding legal which gain more popularity towards entrepreneurs and investors.

At Past before JOBS Act was passed258k Active Accredited investors

After JOBS Act Passed(accredited investor restriction removed) – Estimate 233.7MM Active Accredited investors.

While many entrepreneurs and members of the crowdfunding community await final regulations governing Title III of the JOBS Act, which allows non-accredited investors to participate in crowd investing which will hopefully to be completed by the end of 2015 and crowdfunding for equity & realestate will commence in 2016.


Benefits Of Online Funding Trends In Real Estate:

  • Investors can choose which real estate projects in which they want to invest their money.
  • Investors get to work directly with real estate developers and have a voice in the process.
  • Investors get to work directly with real estate developers and have a voice in the process.
  • Investors have access to myriad projects, so choice and options aren’t a problem.

Today, platforms offering innovative services to their clients dot the industry landscape. These unique platforms have succeeded in bringing crowdfunding into the mainstream of real estate investing.

Bottom Line:
The U.S. market, has seen a rise on the number of crowdfunding platforms offering equity/real estate crowdfunding services.So this innovative technology that allowed the industry to scale-up quickly and government regulations that enabled it, beginning with JOBS ACT of 2012, are fueling the growth of crowdfunding in real estate sector.

If you get in now, you’ll be part of a GROWING market that gives power to the people, and that is already changing fundraising and investing as we know. Think it has massive potential.

Coming Soon To Redefine The “Real Estate Crowdfunding”!!!