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Donation Crowdfunding Software or Donation Fundraising Script

Automate donation crowdfunding operations and manage individual and corporate fundraising with Fundraisingscript. Digitize your offline donation crowdfunding business by launching a private donation crowdfunding platform.

Introduction to Donation Crowdfunding

Unlike other crowdfunding schemes, donation-based crowdfunding is a platform where people donate money through the platform for a common collaborative goal without expecting anything in return. Few donation-based crowdfunding platforms may also offer some products, perks or rewards as “Thank You” for their donation but there’s no return on investment involved in this type of fund raising.

What is Donation Crowdfunding Script?

Donation Crowdfunding software enables you to set up an online portal or a personal crowdfunding platform to receive donations from people, all over the globe or a specific region, depending upon what you choose, for a good cause, through our online Crowdfunding portal approach or under the Crowdfunding DIY Approach. Such donation-based Crowdfunding software is widely used by NGOs to encourage people to donate money towards a common cause that would help the needy or the betterment of our own environment.


Customer Login with Social Media Accounts

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How Does The Donation Based Crowdfunding Software Help You?

If you are representing an NGO or looking forward to start your own white label donation-based crowdfunding for a cause you believe in, then our PHP Crowdfunding software is an ultimate choice for you. Our software will help you to set up a donation-based fund collection portal that can be used to post new projects related to different causes. These campaigns may pertain to any niche, region, currency or language you choose. Once a campaign is live, it will be able to receive donations from volunteers from among the general public who are interested in contributing towards the cause.

Our experts have thoroughly analyzed the market in order to develop this amazing piece of application ideal for setting up a donation-based funding platform. Each factor essential to run a donation program online is addressed in order to offer an easy, smooth and reliable experience for the people making donations. It also allows you to set up multiple payment options as per your requirements to help you to receive donations from the every nook and corner of the world.

Supported Newsletter Mail Servers

  • constant_contact
  • mailchimp
  • campaignmonitor
  • zurmo
  • dotmailer
  • madmimi
  • referralcandy

How Does Donation Crowdfunding Script Work?

Once you install our donation based crowdfunding script on your website or server, Individuals, Companies or Organizations will be able to register and list their projects, campaigns or causes in order to invite and accept donations online through crowdfunding. All the projects listed on the website will have to be reviewed and approved by the site admin before going live.

Visitors on the website can surf through different causes or projects listed by the Project owner and choose any one or multiple projects to volunteer donations through different payment options enabled by the site admin.

Visitors on the website can surf through different causes or projects listed by the Project owner and choose one or multiple projects to volunteer donations through different payment options enabled by the site admin.

All donations received through this Crowdfunding platform will be split into two parts, where one part goes to the Project Owner’s account as donations and another part is kept by the site admin as fees for the service offered by means of the Crowdfunding platform. More details can be found on the workflow chart below.

Payment Gateways Supported

  • payment-paypal
  • payment-stripe
  • payment-wallet
  • 2checkout
  • finxera
  • sagepay
  • skrill
  • wepay
  • bluepay
  • braintree
  • chronopay
  • fastcharge
  • firstdata
  • mangopay
  • paynova
  • paysimple
  • securepay
  • sofort

Monetize Your Donation Crowdfunding Platform

Revenue from this crowdfunding platform can be generated easily since a certain percentage is deducted from the donations received towards each of the projects or campaigns as site fees. The percentage of share will be determined by the portal admin separately for each project listed for donations.


Complete Social Media Integrations

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Highlighting Features

Lot’s of Server Options

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  • hivelocity
  • hostforweb
  • host-gator
  • hosting-source
  • hub
  • inmotion
  • iPage
  • irish-domains
  • justhost
  • myhosting
  • R1Soft
  • singlehop
  • steadfast
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  • webhostingpad
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