Inspired From The Story Of Lockitron: Crowdfunding Without Kickstarter

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As a Crowdfunding  inside i have research and profiled the most successful crowdfunding campaigns and from which i find some main hardware campaigns launch on their own platform and which becomes 100 times more successful. One of them was LOCKITRON which enable to take advantage to launch campaign on their own and proved to be more successful without kickstarter or other third party platforms.

So the reason here to write this article is to inspire project creators & backers from the story of lockitron and why others are turning to this solutions like these.

Why Lockitron Launched Own Crowdfunding?

Lockitron a start-up that makes computerized door locks that users can unlock via smartphone app or text message had applied to Kickstarter for their project to be funded at that time when the crowdfunding site was receiving a rash of complaints and negative press about funded projects that failed to deliver promised products. So as a result this negative report ultimately forced Kickstarter to revise their guidelines and for which Lockitron was removed from Kickstarter with the message “Kickstarter Is Not a Store”.

So, Lockitron’s founders launched their own funding campaign through social media and press and has successfully raisied $1.5 million in pre-orders from over 10,000 backers within a week.

What lacks in third party platforms?

Drawbacks Of Third Party Platforms

  • Thousands of projects that are started every day there and it is easy for your idea to get lost in the crowd.
  • Does not offer any guarantee that it will be successful or even, if it is ever delivered, that it will match the description on the original project page.
  • Popular crowdfunding platform like kickstarter and other third party platforms revised their rules and regulations, and as a result, many projects previously eligible will be rejected.
  • When project submitted you have to wait for approval to come.
  • You can’t change the details of your project once you launch your page in short no customization allowed
  • Some platforms won’t allow any projects related to verticals like pets, fashion, innovation, logistics, finance,Marine, Saas ,Sports,Movies etc.
  • Pay third party fees that can up to 9%
  • Sets a time limit on your project.

Benefits To start Own Crowdfunding website/Campaign Without Kickstarter

With the above mentioned drawbacks more people are turning to launch their own crowdfunding platform which has following benefits.

  • You can easily and effortlessly setup and launch your own customize crowdfunding platform for any idea or for any vertical.
  • You can prepare your own personal and appealing crowdfunding project page with all details of your cause, which you can host on your own website.
  • Never pay 3rd party fees or wait for approval unlike on any other platform as you are hosting own crowdfunding website  and raising funds on your own crowdfunding platform.
  • Time periods for campaigns as much you want.
  • Stronger Branding
  • More Backer Information
  • Focus on Projects & campaigns.

With the help of this benefits you too can fulfill your dream project into reality same like Lockitron did by launching their own crowdfunding platform for their campaign and this can be possible with our white label crowdfunding solution software named FUNDRAISINGSCRIPT.

FUNDRAISINGSCRIPT delivers you same type of solution which was used by lockitron for thier successful campaign. You too can now launch your own crowdfunding platform/project for any cause for any idea to make it successful  in near future. You can manage and customize platform/project as per your own needs and requirements. Here are some innovative features :

For more insights you can refer article “Secret Of A New And Smart Crowdfunding” which will give you step by step information regarding how to run your own crowdfunding easily and effectively.

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