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Why Crowdfunding Platform?

Starting a crowdfunding platform has been one of the favorite startup ideas among entrepreneurs.

With its start crowdfunding platform business model was limited to Donation and Reward-based crowdfunding. Still, with the evolution of crowdfunding open source technology and change in security regulations of countries(notably JOBS Act in the United States) around to world, the crowdfunding business is expanded business funding models, including equity crowdfunding, real estate crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, oil & gas, renewal energy, coal and mining, and space exploration.

Not only that but the crowdfunding business model is expanded to new horizons which were never imagined before.

Check a complete list of crowdfunding platform ideas.

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Why Open Source Crowdfunding Platform?

If you want to start a crowdfunding platform, you will need a crowdfunding website(more technically crowdfunding software or application) with all modules in the front end and back end to support the crowdfunding business process and the whole cycle of crowdfunding.

You can acquire a crowdfunding website or software in three ways:

  • Develop it yourself in-house: Re-inventing the cycle is not an easy task. It takes lots of time, cost and efforts. Also, you will need an in-house team of web developers and designers who can develop and maintain your crowdfunding platform. The benefit of going with this option is complete access to and ownership of your source code as well as a fully customized solution as per your needs.
  • Download freely available crowdfunding open source solution: There are many crowdfunding WordPress based and other technology based open source or cost-effective solutions available using which you can start your crowdfunding platform with less or almost no money. However, you need to be tech-savvy or have a team of developers who can do all server and software configuration on top of customization for you as per your unique crowdfunding platform requirements.
  • Buy white-label crowdfunding open source software: White label crowdfunding software solutions for sale are often cost-effective and efficient if you want to start your unique crowdfunding platform with your customization. These white-label crowdfunding software solution providers do offer not only ready-to-use crowdfunding solutions but also customization services. This is the best option because it requires zero knowledge of programming or web development, as everything will be taken care of by the vendor.

About FundraisingScript is an in-one crowdfunding solution. We at deal with a wide range of crowdfunding scripts to suit your needs of starting a crowdfunding platform, be it a donation-based crowdfunding or reward-based crowdfunding platform. Be it equity-based crowdfunding platforms or real estate crowdfunding platforms.

Open source crowdfunding platform software

Our Product deals with ready-to-use white label crowdfunding software solutions with customization services where you can hire a dedicated developer or get a fixed cost for the customization you are looking for in your crowdfunding platform.

Choose the right crowdfunding solution based on your business model.

Also, read Crowdfunding Software: A Complete White Label Solution to know more about each product mentioned above.

Pricing Models

Open source crowdfunding platform software pricing models at are divided into mainly two divisions as mentioned below.

Hosted/SaaS Solution

This is a SaaS-based cloud solution in which crowdfunding software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. You pay for one-time setup costs and monthly rent for your crowdfunding platform. Check our pricing to know more about our crowdfunding software SaaS solution.

Crowdfunding Software Hosted/SaaS Model FAQs

Self Hosted Solution

The self-hosted solution is a business model where you buy and own the crowdfunding open source code and host it on your server. This is the model where you will also need to buy a web hosting server (from Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, or AWS), as you will be managing and maintaining the server, data, and source code on your own. Check our pricing to know more about our self-hosted crowdfunding software solution.

Crowdfunding Software Self Hosted Model FAQs


As mentioned above SaaS model is subscription based software license where you pay monthly rent on a subscription basis with no direct or indirect access to source code. You will have access to only the front-end and back-end of crowdfunding software(similar to a Wix or a Squarespace website).

On the other hand, self-hosted is a software license model where you pay a one-time cost for purchasing open source crowdfunding platform, get access to full(100% open source) or partial source code, and host software on your server(similar to a self-hosted WordPress website). With this software license, you get one domain license without reselling rights.

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How does it work?


Many crowdfunding software is available to meet almost all your crowdfunding business ideas. Review already available and ready to use open source crowdfunding platform software for your niche and let us know. Or if you haven’t found your niche or features per your requirements, don’t worry. You can contact us in that case too. We are also offering customization and new feature development service on our core crowdfunding software solutions.

Planning & Analysis

Once you inquire, we can discuss your crowdfunding platform idea, requirements, goals, objectives, and project scope. There are many aspects of your project we discuss in this phase that will require equal involvement from both sides.

Recommendation & Proposal

Based on your requirements, we recommend an ideal solution to meet your requirements and the proposal and scope document prepared based on extensive research and planning in the earlier stage. Once the proposal is accepted, an agreement on terms & conditions, scope document, project plan, and payment terms are required to sign to move forward.

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Design & Development

This is one of the important phases of your project, where we prepare wireframes & mockups(if required), followed by the actual design and development of your project as per the scope document. This phase of the project is sometimes skipped in case you are not looking for any customization in crowdfunding software and want to go with core features.

QA & Testing

We believe in “What you see is what you get.” Before we give you a green signal, we make sure that you will receive exactly as per the agreement or as per the demo of our crowdfunding software.


Deployment of crowdfunding open source software (or whatever package you have chosen) on your(in case of self-hosted solution) cloud or non-cloud server is done by the professional and expert delivery team from who will make sure that the performance and behavior of software remain same and as per expectations.


The most exciting moment you were waiting for is with the launch of your crowdfunding platform, isn’t it?

Maintainance & Support

We understand that the real job starts with the launch of your platform. It isn’t the end of our business partnership but a fantastic beginning to start a fruitful journey. We deliver technical support and maintenance service via our excellent and responsive support team as per the agreement and pricing model you have chosen to go with.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss and learn more about our open source crowdfunding platform software. Drop us a line via our contact us form, as we are just an email away.

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