Plug & Play Your Own Crowdfunding Platform with quick customization

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I have seen for last few years crowdfunding is booming the world.The crowdfunding market nearly grew up by 167 % in 2014, and it doesn’t indicate any plans of stopping. Crowdfunding is expected to reach $34.4bn in 2015.The future of crowdfunding is very bright.

When we look back, in 2012 308 crowdfunding platforms across the world raised $2.7 billion, an 81% increase over the amount raised in past years, according to the annual report, which is 64% of rise in the market. So, Scope of the crowdfunding is expanding along with the rising demands.

To match the escalating and increasing trends in crowdfunding platform FundraisingScript have came up with the new approach towards crowdfunding known as Plug & Play Your Own Crowdfunding Platform With Quick Customization.This has unique features which are mentioned below:-


This idea was originated with some drawbacks of existing platforms:-

  • Some project creators had their project removed from Kickstarter for eg- projects like “Scout hassle-free home security pre order site” since product was haven’t produced yet,  and decided they could do this themselves by open sourcing its project.
  • We have to wait for approval of our project once submitted and roughly 75 percent of Kickstarter projects are delivered late.
  • Some platforms won’t allow any projects related to verticals like pets, fashion, innovation, logistics, finance,Marine, SAAS,Sports,Movies etc.
  • Sets a time limit on your project
  • You can’t change the details of your project once you launch your page
  • 3rd Party Fees.

To overcome with above mentioned drawbacks and to convert those drawbacks into features FUNDRAISINGSCRIPT  came with the new approach for crowdfunding which i had mentioned above named as Plug & Play Your Own Crowdfunding Platform in which:-

  • You can easily and effortlessly setup and launch your own customize crowdfunding platform for any idea or for any vertical.
  • You can prepare your own personal and appealing crowdfunding web page with all details of your cause, why you need funds, what will you do if you get funded, where funds will be used etc all but this web page could be hosted on your own website.
  • You do not need to pay 3rd party fees or wait for approval unlike on any other platform as you are hosting web page and raising funds on your own website.

With FUNDRAISINGSCRIPT, you can run your our own crowdfunding campaign on your own website, let me know we are providing these kind of solutions too which will allow individuals to run their own single page crowdfunding campaign on their own website along with our other solutions like crowdfunding platform, crowdfunding enterprise solution.

At FUNDRAISINGSCRIPT we are focusing on not only all above mentioned features but also different niche of crowdfunding like Equity, Real Estate, Lending, Reward and Donation to enhance crowdfunding platform user experience.


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