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Roll Your Own Crowdfunding : DIY Approach

crowdfunding: DIY approach

You may have a great idea in mind, and it would be really successful with the help of the best crowdfunding platform.

The crowdfunding platform uses huge networks of friends, family, and colleagues through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get the word out about a new business and attract investors. Crowdfunding facilitates the raising of capital for a variety of purposes, using numerous variations of the model. In recent months, a few popular crowdfunding websites, Also Good for Kickstarter Alternative, revised their rules and regulations, and as a result, many projects previously eligible have been rejected.

DIY Crowdfunding

They proceeded to start their PHP based crowdfunding website and got their project funded. As portal parameters tighten the rules, and as a result, more and more campaigns are forced into independent crowdfunding efforts, which is professionally known as the DIY Approach(DO IT YOURSELF) strategy.

DIY Approach:-

The DIY approach originated when some project creators had their project removed from Kickstarter and decided they could do this themselves by making their crowdfunding based website and getting their project funded. In this DIY approach, one can develop, promotes, and manages a campaign from beginning to end without the help of an established crowdfunding community. EXAMPLE– Lockitron raised $1,500,000 on their own, which is 1000% more than their original goal after Kickstarter said “no”. after seeing many backers feel optimistic that they too can find funding if denied by common portals.


Now it’s possible with a DIY approach to live your idea from thousands of projects that are started every day. As a result of chance, your idea can get lost in the crowd.

  • Full customization per your idea/project, unrestricted administration, and no item prohibitions.
  • Avoid 4-5% commission fees
  • Periods for campaigns as much as you want.

Thanks to  – (Crowdfunding software), which provides footsteps in the world of DIY crowdfunding, which makes it possible to launch your crowdfunding website/platform or page. As an open-source startup point, provides everything one would need to get a website up and running. There are other options available for those who are not technical and fear that they will not be able to build a functional portal on their own.


We developed all crowdfunding software in PHP Programming. We used Codeigniter Web Framework. From our experience, it is easy to manage PHP Crowdfunding Site and find a local PHP Developer.

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