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Start your own crowdfunding platform as fruitful startup


Bored with your job and planning for your own startup? There are lots of startup ideas you might already have researched for and planning. Here you have chance to think twice before you start. There are several reasons to choose crowdfunding platform as your startup.

  • Be the part of booming crowdfunding market
    Crowdfunding market has nearly increased its size from $10.2 Billion in 2018 to $17.2+ Billions in 2020, and this is expected to increase up to $34.6 Billion in end of 2026 which means this market hasn’t indicated any plans of stopping. Following chart explains these information very well.This is best chance for you to get into this market to and be a part of this booming market will give you to stand with power in era of killer competition.


Start-Own-Own-Crowdfunding-Platform by - Crowdfunding Software

Start Own Crowdfunding Platform by – Crowdfunding Software

  • Be your own boss
    Starting your own Whitelabel Crowdfunding Platform is easy with and which means you work for yourself, manage your business which is already part of growing market. Start your own crowdfunding software with your niche market and get lots of BLESS, THANK YOU and REGARDS from people who had successful campaigns on your crowdfunding platform.
  • Choose your niche crowdfunding category
    You can start your crowdfunding platform using our Reward, Donation, Equity, Real Estate or Lending based crowdfunding, however it is fact that starting crowdfunding platforms with right category, niche and location is really important, if you research you will find lots of crowdfunding platforms around you, It will starting crowdfunding platform with right niche with targeted audience is whole key. As much unique niche you choose more the higher rate of success. Take a look at our this blog to know more about different crowdfunding platform categories, niche and ideas we’ve designed based on our research you can easily pick one for you if you like one of them, easy huh?
  • Power your people & grow your crowdfunding community
    Stay more focused to your local community and people. Look at this potato salad kickstarter campaign to know how campaign owner raised US $55000 for just potato salad from his local community and people. You need to find, invite and approve campaigns can help your local or specific niche community and earn not only money but also lots of Bless, Thank you and Regards from your people.
  • Spend easy and earn easy from crowdfunding industry
    Starting crowdfunding platforms with is not as costly as starting and We at offering easy pricing plans with one time cost(no hidden and recurring charges after that at all) to help you setup your own crowdfunding platform on your own domain and server with few easy steps to ensure great and smooth experience.Once we setup(as we provide installation and configuration for free) your crowdfunding platform on your own server you can setup your own percentage commission for each funds your campaigns receives. Here’s an example if you take the average 5% fee for on each donation/funds received by campaigns on your own site.


  • Feature rich & ready to use
    If you plan for your own startup it is not easy as it seems. Your online startup platform or website should be feature rich to for great user experience in order to gain maximum user satisfaction. Developing such platform from scratch would take lots of time and efforts and not easy. At we are offering feature rich and ready to use crowdfunding script  to start your platform with any niche you want. If you are looking for custom crowdfunding platforms based on completely new idea you can hire dedicated crowdfunding platform developer who can work with you based on your custom ideas to customize our platform.

Please contact us today and discuss about crowdfunding Idea.

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