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Why Should You go for White-Label Crowdfunding Platforms

white label crowdfunding platform

Crowdfunding is the most popular way for funding startup projects quickly. A lot of products and accessories came into existence because of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding requires an online platform. And when it comes to online platforms, we have the option to choose between build and buy.

In a lot of sense building is the best option, but it has its drawbacks. Since you are going to crowdfund a startup project, we would say those drawbacks can lead to big consequences.

Our recommendation would be to buy and that is to buy a white label crowdfunding platform.

If you need more convincing reasons for why you should buy a white label crowdfunding platform software, then this article has plenty for you.

What is a white-label crowdfunding software/ platform?

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What is White Label Crowdfunding

To make sure we are all on the same page, let us explain what white-label crowdfunding software is. To understand that we first should know what white label means.

White label is a legal protocol that allows a company to buy a finished product from the maker/ manufacturing company and rebrand it. In the case of white label software, you will buy software from a firm and rebrand the software to make it look like your own.

Think of this scenario. You need fundings for launching a new travel backpack. Rather than going to investors, you want to raise those funds via crowdfunding. Also, you don’t want to use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. for it. In this case, you can build your crowdfunding platform (which has a lot of backlashes), or you can buy white-label crowdfunding software from a vendor company (For example Fundraising Script).

So, you brought a white label script from FundRaising Script and completely rebranded that software to resemble your brand. That is what a white-label crowdfunding platform is.

You may have heard of white-label investment crowdfunding software. Are they the same as white-label crowdfunding software? In a way, yes. You should know that some crowdfunding campaigns offer equity/ shares in exchange for funds. Those are called investment crowdfunding software. And when you are doing it with a white label crowdfunding software, we call it white label investment crowdfunding software.

The reason why these types of software are referred to as white-label software is that they don’t come with any branding of the maker company. Rather the branding areas are covered in white to make room for the buyer/ user’s branding.

That is all you need to know to understand white-label crowdfunding software. Now let’s look at its benefits.

Benefits of White-Label crowdfunding software

The benefits of white-label crowdfunding software can be seen in all sections of software development. Here are the top benefits.

  • Reliability

    White-label crowdfunding software is made by highly experienced companies. They have their reputation at stake, so they ensure that all functions of the software are operational.

    They have experts in their team and an abundance of human resources to make sure the job is done. If you choose to build your crowdfunding software, you would not have the same amount of manpower and testing capability to make sure that the software is reliable.

    The reliability of the software is a big issue for crowdfunding. If the software breaks down in the middle of someone funding your campaign, they will question the security of your platform.

    If you use white-label crowdfunding software, you don’t need to worry about reliability at all. That saves you a lot of room to think of other aspects.

  • Costs

    Ask anyone who has built their crowdfunding platform about their costs. Their answer will take away your smile. It turns out that developing your complete crowdfunding platform from scratch comes with a lot of costs.

    There is the cost of hiring developers, then the cost of testing, hosting, and many other factors.

    The worst part, if anything goes wrong then it will need extra money to fix the problem. On the other hand, if you are planning on giving equity for funding, there are more costs.

    It turns out that buying a custom white Label investment crowdfunding software is cheaper than building a new one. Most white-label crowdfunding software indeed comes with monthly subscription costs, but that comes with a guarantee that you will get what you pay for.

    You cannot give yourself that guarantee when making your custom crowdfunding platform.

  • Time

    The cost of making a crowdfunding platform from scratch is not just about the money, it is about time as well. And we know that time is money. So we really cannot afford to lose any time in this world of competition.

    You may have planned for launching a crowdfunding campaign when the demand for such a campaign is at its peak. In that case, you will need to open funding right at that moment. But building a crowdfunding platform requires a lot of months. Experts say that it requires 4 to 9 months to make software from scratch to its initial launching stage. That is something you cannot afford in crowdfunding.

    Enter white Label crowdfunding software. With white-label software, you can go online in days, or maybe in hours.

    All you need to do is buy one white-label crowdfunding software that you like (go to FundRaising Script). Then customize and rebrand the software to suit your demand. Attach a reliable payment gateway for fundraising. Now go online. All this should not take more than a few hours. But you can take a day off if you want. There won’t be too much of a loss for one day.

    The point is that using white-label crowdfunding software will take relatively no time than building your own from scratch.

  • High customizability

    The reason why white-label software got so popular is its high customizability. Not only can you customize crowdfunding investment software white label parts, but also you can customize the colors, layout, and representation of your campaign in it.

    Most of the white-label crowdfunding software does not require you to know the code for customizing them. They use a more engaging drag and drop style customizing settings to bring all the customizations. Also, you can plug in third-party applications to bring special features for your crowdfunding campaign on that white-label software. That is a huge benefit that no one will want to miss out on.

  • No maintenance responsibility

    Do you know why many old businesses and software fall apart with time? It is because of poor maintenance. Maintenance is an important part of any product and service. It includes repairing, solving issues, updating the system to meet modern challenges.

    It is not an easy task to do. But you won’t have to worry about maintenance if you use white-label crowdfunding software. The maker/ manufacturing company will take care of that. All you need to do is click on allow/ proceed to cooperate with the repair and updates regularly. This also means that you will be in touch with all the modern features that new crowdfunding platforms have.

These are the five best benefits of using white-label crowdfunding software for startups. So, tell us, do you still think that building your crowdfunding platform is better than buying one?

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How to build a White-label Crowdfunding site

You have already seen the benefits of using white-label crowdfunding software. Now we hope that you are well interested in getting yourself crowdfunding software for your startup.

Before doing that, here is an overview of how to build/ rebrand a white-label crowdfunding site for your campaign.

  1. Buy a White-label crowdfunding software

    The first step is to buy white-label crowdfunding software. From where? There are plenty of white-label software sellers out on the internet. But if you want our recommendation, then go to FundRaising Scripts. They have much customizable white-label software for different purposes. You will surely love their collection.

  2. Open customize option for rebranding

    After buying a white-label platform, install all the necessaries on your computer and open the customization settings for the software. If it has a drag and drop interface, then you are lucky. You can finish editing the software in a matter of hours. You can also integrate third-party software if it is allowed for bringing special features.

  3. Link a reliable payment gateway with the software

    The next thing to do is link a suitable and reliable payment gateway for collecting the funds from your customers. In this case, you will have to think of both you and your funders. Consider the fees that you will have to incur for that gateway and all the security benefits and incentives your funders will get. Balancing all these will lead you to the most suitable payment gateway.

  4. Launch the campaign in the suitable domains

    After all customization and integration with third-party software/ gateways, it is time to launch the campaign. White-label crowdfunding software has its domains which are provided by the maker. You can use that, or you can host it in a separate domain if you need to. That will require the cost of the new domain.


That is all we have to say about the benefits of using white label crowdfunding platform software. You can’t get all of these benefits by making your platform. Rather you may run into more trouble.

So don’t be stubborn, and open yourself up to the white label crowdfunding platform software. You will love the benefits.

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