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Why Do We Build Crowdfunding Software in ReactJs and NodeJS Rather than WordPress

Why Do We Build Crowdfunding Software in ReactJs and NodeJS Rather than WordPress
Why Do We Build Crowdfunding Software in ReactJs and NodeJS Rather than WordPress

There is no doubt that WordPress is the primary option for many looking to build a robust website. Statistics suggest that over 65% of websites relying on CMS use WordPress. 

Powerful numbers, right? 

But what if we told you that WordPress isn’t a viable option when you are building white-label crowdfunding software? For starters, the application is more suitable for creating content-based, static websites rather than building a full-fledged crowdfunding marketplace with ever-changing requirements. 

So, if you are on the hunt for a perfect base for your crowdfunding platform, ReactJS, and NodeJS are more up to snuff. And don’t worry, we will back up this argument with hard facts! 

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Here are some popular platforms that are backed by either NodeJS or ReactJS:

GoFundHer NodeJS
KryptoGo NodeJS
PayPal ReactJS
Venmo ReactJS
Uber ReactJS


We will compare WordPress with ReactJS and NodeJS to elaborate on why these platforms are better for creating crowdfunding software. So, let’s get to it! 

ReactJS Vs WordPress

WordPress is a powerful content management system while React is a Javascript library, designed to help users create intuitive interfaces. 

When you are building a white-label crowdfunding application, you need security, easy access, a smooth interface, and customization features to reach your goal.  Unfortunately, WordPress lacks in all of these areas. 

Here are a few reasons why ReactJS is better for building crowdfunding software:

Better Security

If you are a developer, you may know how vulnerable WordPress applications are to security breaches, and it’s something you definitely can’t compromise on while building a crowdfunding model. 

While no JS application ensures 100% security, React is still more efficient when it comes to overcoming security concerns. You can also use safe tricks to safeguard your software in advance. 

High Performance

Crowdfunding platforms are more complex in coding and receive a large amount of continuous data that tools like WordPress can’t handle. 

ReactJS, on the contrary, enable users to access streamlined coding and rendering to make their platforms more data efficient. Crowdfunding websites built with ReactJS can handle large sums of data without compromising the site speed. 

Supportive Ecosystem 

While WordPress also has a supportive community with millions of users ready to share their experiences, somewhere somewhat is missing when it comes to crowdfunding. WordPress lacks resources and framework to support troubleshooting related to crowdfunding models, and that is why, React can be your best bet. 

With a better framework, tools, and resources, React is definitely on top of the crowdfunding game! 

NodeJS Vs WordPress 

NodeJS is an open-source tool that helps users execute codes in the most light, scalable way possible. 

But what makes NodeJS perfect for building crowdfunding software? Well, it helps users to create a site with a smooth interface and tremendous speed. If you want your website to cut through the traffic and arrive right at the target location, you need NodeJs,  

Here’s why NodeJS is way better at building crowdfunding platforms than WordPress:

Excellent Computing Speed 

Heavy plugins often make WordPress applications load like a turtle. And ironically, the tool requires you to splurge money and buy subscriptions to make your crowdfunding model work at a better speed. 

Luckily, NodeJS features a V8 engine that makes it invincible when it comes to scalability and speed. Additionally, the tool efficiently saves on time, space, and speed by using single threading instead of multithreading. 

Better Security 

Building a crowdfunding model on NodeJs gives you a wide edge in terms of security. Your data is safe, your source codes are secured, and it’s easier to update security checks–what else can you ask for? 

In crowdfunding applications, data secrecy should be your main concern and NodeJS ensures your information is safe with layers of security codes. 

 At, we are all about crowdfunding and making it more convenient. Contact us or have a look at this demo to learn more about our crowdfunding software!


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