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SumSub: Excellent legal support

Sumsub is a risk assessment system that offers a variety of checks including KYC, biometrics, document validation, and crypto conformance to help organizations avoid fraud and ensure regulatory compliance.

The checks and their sets are highly adjustable, allowing for the creation of a plethora of specialized verification pathways for every type of organization or jurisdiction.

Sumsub is an all-in-one technological and legal toolbox for KYC/AML compliance. The firm offers a robust platform for acquiring consumers, accelerating verification, lowering expenses, and identifying digital fraud.


SuftiPro: Multiple language support

Shufti Pro is an AI-powered verification SaaS that aims to reduce risks, financial fraud, and impersonation. At its heart, it provides KYC and AML verification for organizations from a wide range of sectors all around the world.

Shufti Pro's technology, which combines HI and AI, can ensure up to 98.67 percent exact verification. This includes facial recognition, anti-spoofing methods, location validation, and other features to help prevent fraudulent conduct and identity theft both inside and outside of the company. Shufti Pro is the solution to any corporate security breach, with cutting-edge verification technology, a highly flexible operation, and experienced personnel evaluation.


Mangopay: Best for international market use

MangoPay is a programming firm that specializes in payment-gateway software for small to medium-sized enterprises. MangoPay provides sophisticated payment gateway capabilities such as personalised checkout, receive payments, mobile payments everywhere, customized invoicing, worldwide payment gateway, and more.

Mangopay is ideal for worldwide markets since it allows users to obtain and take payments in numerous currencies. Mangopay allows payments to be divided and escrowed dependent on the business strategy being used.

The payment management solution protects the safety and security of payment data and transactions. It uses KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols and anti-money launder inspections in accordance with European standards.


LemonWay: A reliable payment gateway

LemonWay is a software startup that specializes in payment gateway software for small and medium-sized enterprises.

LemonWay supports a number of major third-party trading systems, providing accessibility to a broad range of markets across the world that may be managed with the help of skilled advisers or a configurable automatic trading strategy.

LemonWay is a pioneer in technology, and they are constantly seeking for ways to enhance and preserve their competitive advantage.

Managing payments for business platform has never been simpler, whether you operate a B2B, B2C, or C2C enterprise. Provide a diverse selection of payment options and ways that are customized to your consumers' needs.


GBG GreenID: Leading with a consistent vision

GBG GreenID delivers the most trustworthy, simple, and compliant mix of user acquisition and identity verification options to clients globally. The SaaS system is an end-to-end identification service that includes extensive worldwide data coverage, sanctioning, document and biometric verification, and is offered through a configurable multi-channel platform.

The greenID solution from GBG GreenID is a trustworthy, simple, and compliant worldwide identity verification and customer onboarding solution. It is safe, consistent with privacy laws, and simple to deploy. greenID enables customers to verify their identities online, eliminating the need for going through verification process in person.


Jumio: Accurate and secure

Businesses might need Jumio's identity verification services to enhance client conversions and still offering a smooth user experience while decreasing fraud. Jumio's products enable clients satisfy regulatory compliance and connect their digital identities to the actual world by leveraging innovative technologies such as biometric face recognition and algorithms.

Jumio focuses in card recognition and has created a safe framework for accepting credit card payments and online ID verification. Jumio meets all security criteria and has a patent filed for this procedure.


FundAmerica: Quick and responsive helpdesk

FundAmerica was created to assist small or medium company owners in achieving their dreams. They help start-ups and small company owners have access to cash. FundAmerica  is dedicated to offering specialized and customized financial services that are suited to the demands of your business.

The company has been on a quest to modernize antiquated lending practices and make it easier and more effective for small businesses to get capital. Thousands of small enterprises have received money from the company over the years. They  have remained faithful to the small-business heritage and have not allowed prosperity to alter their ideals.


North Capital: Completely

North Capital seems to be the renowned supplier of transaction technology for the basic issue of exempt securities, and they are leading the creation of the Ethereum blockchain's clearing, custody, including secondary markets.

North Capital is an investment consulting business. Investors, families, enterprises, and non-profit organizations can use their portfolio management, personal finance, and brokerage facilities.

North Capital build and provide services that alter access, volatility, and transparency of regulated securities by leveraging bespoke APIs, open source blockchain technology, cryptographic protocols, and securities tokens.


Trulioo: Reliable electronic identity with Global Gateway

Trulioo is an international identity and business verification service that gives individuals and organizations with safe access to credible, impartial data sources throughout the world in order to rapidly verify them online. Its global clientele includes financial firms, money-transfer organizations, and online gambling sites, to mention a few.

Trulioo assists in the development of online trust in order to secure your company and customers. By automating Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) procedures, its marketplace of global identity networks, GlobalGateway, assists enterprises in meeting Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) standards.

Trulioo enables worldwide clients to rapidly verify around 5 billion consumers and over 330 million corporate entities in 200 countries with a single API interface.

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