Top 10 Features Of Crowdfunding Software

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Nowadays crowdfunding has proven to be amongst the best effective methods of funding a unique idea and it is growing rapidly. Crowdfunding is fairly and effective new startup funding strategy that involves pooling many small amounts of investment from a large number of people, usually via the Internet.

With the increasing growth of web crowdfunding and with the emergence of several popular white label crowdfunding providers such as, Invested.In, etc more and more people and companies are shifting from using the well-known third-party crowdfunding platforms and are selecting to have their own crowdfunding websites that offer independent crowdfunding. A Crowdfunding Software is generally an online group financing product/service composed by a business and discharged to others to re-brand and utilize as their own.

Why Crowdfunding Software Is Important:

  • At, we provide fully customized crowdfunding clone script, which will surely reduce the time and huge costs related to developing a platform. You are able to get a fully customized website as per your requirements and it will offer easy and effective publicity and visibility.
  • Here, you can see a very low risk of the exposure of your creative idea in the crowd as here, you are the only boss of your fundraising site.
  • Here, you have a very low chances of rejection like Kickstarter rejected Lockitron. Do have a look at Lockitron’s success story to know the importance of independent crowdfunding website.
  • We provide fundraising script with convenient and user friendly functionality and features so it is easy to use for the users including projects owner, donors along with the admin.

Have A Look At The 10 Salient Features Of Our Crowdfunding Software:

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  • Responsive Design: Because of the advanced responsive design with optimized bootstrap, you are able to run our white label crowdfunding script from multiple platforms.
  • Admin Interface: Here you get effective admin interface for managing campaign, investments, payments, contents from one place.
  • Email Templates: Email templates for notification from registration to campaign creation and payments are installed in our script that offer user ability to get email notifications based on different campaigns, user and ownership levels.
  • Pre-Installed Payment Gateways: Our white label crowdfunding script is equipped with pre-installed payment gateways. We offer secure payment integration including Paypal Adaptive, Stripe, WePay & Wallet. Users are able to choose and verify his/her payment gateway/bank account to get funds in the end of the campaign. Click here to know more on how each payment gateway works with crowdfunding scripts.
  • Multiple Currency Support: Our crowdfunding script offers multiple currency support that enables the campaign creator to create campaign in currency supported by the country that he/she lives in.
  • Multiple Language Support: We offer multiple language support with our script with almost all languages including RTL & LTR so because of this, it will be very easy for the campaign creator to implement the preferred language in the script.
  • Fixed & Flexible Funding: At Fundraisingscript, we offer you an ability to choose fixed or flexible funding as per your desired preferences.
  • Knowledge Base: Professionally designed and managed knowledge base/help center to help users to understand platform features. You are able to explain your platform feature, how, what, when & why with the help of this feature.
  • CSV Export: Want to showcase your projects to your investors or want to send bulk newsletter to your all registered users data is the key. We offer admin/backend staff ability to download almost all data to reuse it somewhere else.
  • Progress Meter: With the help of this feature, you are able to measure your crowdfunding progress for each campaign to get an overview of the campaign at the first glance.

If you think you have a great startup idea, then take the first step and contact us for further information or have a look at the online demo.