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Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides the web analytics facility presented by Google. It follows and makes reports about the traffic on websites as a program inside the Google Marketing Policy. It is a Web Analytic service that offers basic analytical tools, stats, and facts for search engine optimization of website content and marketing objectives. The working principle of Google Analytics includes the insertion of JavaScript code on your website pages. The tracking process keeps and reads data from the website page by different means and sends this report to the server.



HubSpot is an analytics software that supports businesses and corporations to line up Sales and create an effective marketing strategy. It is a cloud-based digital marketing platform that analyzes and prepares reports on how to enhance sales. This marketing tool focuses on sales enablement by data analysis. You can check the performance of your web pages with HubSpot. But it does not display the performance of your website on a significant scale. The tracking code for each HubSpot account is exclusive and unique. This code permits HubSpot to observe your website traffic. This tracking code gets incorporated into website pages and HubSpot blog posts.

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