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Because PayPal makes payment easy and safe, it is one of the most accepted and favorite payment gateways in the world. PayPal is placed among the top 10 in the list of firstborn and best-known online payment gateways used to send and receive money online. PayPal users can create an intermediate account between the buyer and seller for secure and convenient money transfer. It also comes up with various supportive features such as barcode scanning, mobile card, and credit card readers. PayPal supports online transactions by accepting 100 different currencies and currently PayPal is operational in 200 countries around the globe.



Stripe is actually a cloud-based online payment method and a leading choice for online credit card handling. As compared to other payment gateways Stripe offers a collection of APIs. These APIs are helpful for merchants as they allow them to add new payment options. According to several online merchants Stripe is their preferred option. Stripe applies modern scam avoidance procedures and offers tough security that keeps global sales smooth. Stripe processes and deals in more than 135 different currencies. Unique features of Stripe for which it is preferred are mobile user interface, custom UI toolkit, fraud shield, periodic payments, and 24/7 expert support.



Plaid makes it easy to connect to your bank and safely shares your bank account information with the applications and software you want to use. Plaid is associated with more than 11,000 economic organizations in Europe, the United States, and Canada. When you make an account on Plaid and set your financial information, it encrypts your information immediately. Whenever you use a monetary app, Plaid safely connects and shares your bank information with the app, but not confidential details like passwords. Plaid is highly protected and it is also used by famous online transaction apps like Venmo and Stripe.



MangoPay is a service that offers a better online payment method for its users in which merchants can make their e-wallets to collect payment from their buyers and sellers automatically. MangoPay is integrally customizable and specially created for marketplaces, and crowdfunding programs. In MangoPay transactions and funds are electronically handled through e-wallets. It is considered suitable for international markets as it allows the users to send and receive payments in multiple currencies. This online platform uses KYC practices (Know Your Customer) and anti-money laundering security that fit with European guidelines.



LemonWay is an online transaction service supplier that certifies effective and protected ways for managing stakeholders’ transactions. LemonWay is a 100% adaptable and integrated solution for cooperative economy participants and crowdfunding programs. The service also comes with updated options like personalized payment statements, customizable transactions, and accepts mobile payments anywhere. Moreover, LemonWay also validates many renowned third-party transaction platforms and allows access to a range of markets internationally where you can trade with the help of professional consultants. When talking about modernization and upgradations, LemonWay is leading in this respect because it keeps upgrading and improving its service to stay in the competition.



Goji is a financing platform and Advanced Finance administrator. It works in coordination with direct investors and financing managers presenting them the technology for faster payments on their white-label accounts. Their system says Goji will help to manage the payments to many recipients at the same time. With a squad of Customer Service Executives, Goji approximately administers 12,000 accounts at present for several platforms. The company says it has established an API first client money facility to hold depositor's funds. And permitted platforms are allowed to access cleared funds through faster payments system. Goji's program provides the users with innovative technology, safety, and flexibility for their systems.


Assembly Payments

Assembly payment platforms help companies handle multiple payment flows and funds movement efficiently so they can send and receive payments without pause. It also cut down the strain on reserves, reduces intricacy, and enhances quickness. By the use of APIs, Assembly facilitates smooth payment flow, settlement, and liquidity and without the wait. The Assembly Payment gateway system is driven by broad APIs that help you generate modern payment flows and gains with maximum productivity. Their online payments technology works beneath the surface fueling your workflows by incorporating several payment methods that help to resolve pay-ins and payouts.



Escrow is an approved and authorized definition of a finance management tool where the funds and investment are detained by a third party on behalf of the buyer and seller. It is a business deal related to a transaction for buying and selling process in which two parties (buyer and seller) are involved. In business agreements and buying goods, there may be insecurity over the other party whether they would meet requirements or not. For security, buyers place money in escrow with guidelines to pay out the seller once the order is received in the claimed state. Escrow is a safe and secure online service and it makes fair payments.



The online payment gateway Uphold operates in cryptocurrencies. Companies use Uphold for transporting funds to people around the planet, or to receive money from their consumers in cryptocurrencies. These payments automatically translate into regional currencies. The Uphold accounts can be financed through crypto, bank networks, credit, and debit cards in 40 different countries. Uphold has a BTC wallet which is a useful and reliable way to secure your Bitcoin and also permits you to perform crypto trading effortlessly. This Uphold wallet is offered on iOS, Android, and the web. Uphold is loyal and keeps the members’ private details secure and transactions secret.


Go Cardless

The GoPayment online service is a mobile credit card managing facility for IOS and Android devices made by Intuit Merchant Services. GoPayment presents EMV-friendly credit cards to their users. These cards are readable with your mobile camera. Along with this, they provide a committed online payment app that accepts credit and debit cards with mobile phones. Intuit built this mobile payment service for instant monetary transactions. this payment processing is also operatable from the laptop but it takes less time on mobile because you do not need a card reader. From the app, you can make payments at any time and send receipts to your buyers.



Prime Trust is a technology-operated online service that offers custody of online assets, their protection, funds handling, and online transaction services. Prime Trust is listed among the most renowned names in digital resource care and custody. It is a trusted company that has an innovative technology-controlled economic organization system that offers B2B custody of your funds. Prime Trust uses Fireblocks Breakthrough SGX technology which makes it the first US- based Certified Guardian of digital funds and assets. The technology by Fireblocks makes a "safer route" for crypto that removes the risk of stealing secret keys and transaction records.



FundAmerica is a complete financial foundation program specially created to help crowdfunding gateways and broker-dealers promote and move up their businesses through parity crowdfunding. The technology is integrated with tech-driven tools for safe transactions. FundAmerica has executive management from a control panel that examines the service progress and the streamlined flow of funds. It is one of the best-known and trustworthy services that provide unique payment handling and processing facilities for its users. FundAmerica offers the most accessible and protected service for sending and receiving payments.


CC Avenue

CC Avenue is an e-Commerce Service Supplier that recognizes and authenticates online payments through Credit Cards and internet banking services from your customers. CC Avenue provides a variety of options for payment including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ATM PINs, and Bank EMI. It is a credit card managing gateway link within the online payment trip. CC Avenue has unlocked the new PCI DSS 2.0 requirements of compliance that make it one of the most reliable online payment gateways in the world. CC Avenue is also enrolled with VeriSign, the world's top and most honest internet confirmation agency.


TNG wallet

TNG Wallet also known as Touch 'n Go eWallet is basically a Malaysian e-wallet and online payment gateway that offers its users a very easy and simple method of making payments. TNG wallet can make payments at over 280,000 commercial touchpoints via QR code, you can pay for tolls, parking on the road, e-commerce websites or apps, Ride-sharing cars or taxis, pay bills, mobile prepaid, and order food delivery. In short, it is a very useful and quick way of online payments for various actions.



An online payment gateway that makes it comfortable and convenient for retailers to accept debit, credit card payments from their buyers online. Paystack allows you receive payments from all types of consumers that use a variety of payment networks including cards, mobile accounts, bank accounts, QR codes, or USSD. If you use the Redirector popup system from Paystack, your customer will have a variety of options to pay through any methods listed on your dashboard. When the customer taps on the transfer option the service immediately generates a bank account number to which they can transfer the money.



WePay is an online way to gather payments without being troubled by the complexity of a merchant website, account, programming, or other payment gateways. WePay handles credit cards and drops all assets and funds compiled into your WePay account. From your WePay account, you can transfer these funds to your bank. WePay is actually a privately organized company that provides payment resources to businesses and makes money by pricing their services and funds transporting process. WePay provides scam prevention and risk shield with its service through its exclusive risk deterrence system.



Braintree is focused on mobile online transaction systems for e-commerce businesses. Braintree was picked up by PayPal in 2013, but it has a separate fee structure and pricing pattern. In contrast to other third-party online payment firms, Braintree gives their clients individual merchant accounts instead of grouping them through joint accounts. Braintree is packed with advanced options like multiple encoding keys, TLS communication, programmed scans for weak areas of security, anti-theft, and data security tools. Braintree also allows bitcoins for payments and is available in 45 countries. It uses 3D security and fraud defense and companies like Uber, GitHub, Airbnb, and Twilio use Braintree.



Dwolla is a white-labeled online money transfer service that incorporates your business with an ACH network for transactions without opening a merchant account. ACH payments require a low processing fee and are used as a substitute for credit, debit, cash, or cheques. Dwolla facilities the bank transfers and allows the business owners to self-host and customize the platform for sending, receiving money. Standard ACH bank transfers take 4-5 days for the complete procedure but Dwolla reduces the transaction timeline. Dwolla and its clients are secure with the use of tough Transport Layer Security (TLS). It confirms a safe interaction channel for bank transfers. Faster than standard bank transfers

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