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NOWPayments: Completely non-custodial payment option

NOWPayments is the largest crypto payment gateway, letting all types of eCommerce to take cryptocurrency as a payment or contribution anywhere in the world. The service supports more than 70 cryptos and fiat conversions. It is completely non-custodial, has no restrictions, and offers the most competitive pricing on the sector. NOWPayments specializes in facilitating rapid, low-cost transactions using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether.

NOWPayments also provides businesses with a variety of other crypto capabilities, including the option to swap among different crypto assets and combine the transaction processing system with standard online commerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Opencart.


BitPay: Saw Bitcoin’s potential way back

Bitpay was founded and launched in 2011, while Bitcoin was still in its infancy. Bitpay recognized its potential back then. Bitpay's mission is to revolutionize the financial sector by creating a quicker, more reliable, and less expensive payment method on a worldwide scale.

Bitpay has established a smooth and secure Bitcoin payment solution that countless users and companies employ on a daily basis. Despite the fact that payment processing was the company's primary purpose, it has also developed other services.

They launched their very own BitPay card. The BitPay card makes it easier to convert and use cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat cash.


GoUrl: Universal and versatile users

Gourl.io, established in 2014, is a global supplier of online bitcoin payment processing. It lets online retailers to take these cryptocoins as payment in the same way that they accept credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal. They already have more than 3,000 registered firms from all over the world, and the bitcoin gateway is being used by an increasing number of websites each day.

Their gateway uses a different technology unlike traditional gates. It is completely capable of integrating with online web pages, does not open external transaction pages (like many other payment gateways do), and is more user-friendly for end website visitors.


CoinsPaid: Great for new businesses

CoinsPaid is a platform that offers bitcoin payment services as well as personal wallets. They allow clients to operate globally, save expenses, and enter untapped markets by implementing their dependable cryptocurrency processing services plus wallet software.

This is a low-cost option for businesses to launch their own digital currency payment service and to be a coin payment gateway or cryptocurrency merchant business. In just a month, their clients will have a crypto payment processor of their own label. Clients may concentrate on the business growth while they manage all environmental assistance.


Coinbase: Easy and secure

Coinbase is perhaps the biggest Bitcoin exchange and broker throughout the world. With their exchange, Coinbase Pro, you may make purchase and trade offers to other users, and Coinbase receives a part of the transactions. You just buy cryptocurrency straight from Coinbase at the offered price using the brokerage.

Coinbase has also never been hacked, despite holding a large amount of user assets that hackers would want to take. This demonstrates that Coinbase performs an excellent job of keeping consumer assets secure on the platform.


Blockonomics: Quick to setup

Blockonomics is a global Bitcoin payment system that offers specific transactional tools to help you get the most out of your BTC. The worldwide team of professional crypto engineers and marketing gurus gathered together in April 2015 to broaden the unlimited possibilities that blockchain technology can offer.

With Blockonomics, you may produce Bitcoins by accepting them on online businesses, and other useful services like producing P2P invoices, sending Bitcoin emails, and managing wallets. The whole setup would take you a few minutes. There is also no redirection to an external page to finish the checkout.


CoinGate: Offers BTC Lightning

CoinGate accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and more than 40 virtual currencies as payment. CoinGate develops blockchain-friendly technology as a bridge across conventional and decentralized markets as part of its ambitions to be an all-in-one crypto network.

To protect businesses from cryptocurrency price fluctuations, CoinGate offers both Bitcoin as well as real-time Euro payments.

Its mission is to make taking Bitcoin and other digital currencies as payment as easy as feasible for every online or retail company. Whether you are an online merchant or a retail business, your consumers will appreciate a clean user interface and a simple payment process.


Blockchain: Easy to earn interest

The Blockchain cryptocurrency exchange claims over 70 million wallets generated via its app and more than $600 billion in transactions across 200+ countries. Although the exchange has a small range of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain offers capabilities that bigger exchanges do not.

American companies can use the Blockchain platform, but it's important to check with your state to see if bank transfers are permitted to finance bitcoin exchange accounts.

One may picture a world in which contracts are incorporated in digital code and recorded in transparent, shared databases that are safeguarded from deletion, manipulation, and amendment using blockchain.


SpectroCoin: Steller customer service

SpectroCoin is a cryptocurrency that seeks to be a one-stop-shop platform. SpectroCoin has become the preferred cryptocurrency among blockchain enthusiasts since its creation.

SpectroCoin is an exclusive crypto currency exchange that also includes a wallet, debit card, and crypto-supported loans. While it does not have the highest trading volume or the greatest price, it has a stellar reputation for customer service and simplicity of use.

The bitcoin exchange is headquartered in Lithuania. The platform and its interface are beautifully developed and built to cater to its specific market.

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