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Top 10 hubspot features for crowdfunding business

10 Hubspot feature

Crowdfunding Businesses where lots of funding and financing takes place require a hefty and seamless software that can make business easier. Things get much easier for business owners with HubSpot, a finance software; it handles marketing, sales, and customer service features of a business organization all on one platform. Imagine how amazing will it be if you integrate HubSpot into your White Label Crowdfunding Software.

Here are the Top 10 Features of HubSpot you will find helpful for your Crowdfunding Business:

  1. Free CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    Who doesn’t want the customers or contacts on a single platform? Everyone does. HubSpot’s CRM is the most user-friendly, intuitive, and easy navigation tool that exists. Other available CRM tools are a bit confusing and not that easy to get hands-on with them. HubSpot’s CRM will be really helpful for the crowdfunding business since it will store hundreds and thousands of contacts of investors, donors, startup people, and much more. All of this for FREE! Yes, HubSpot provides CRM free of cost. After getting HubSpot, you have to install HubSpot Sales, connect it to your inbox, and import contacts, records, and other deals.

  2. Documents Tool

    This sounds like a simple feature but when implemented it can be a great help. The tool lets you store files that can be accessed by any department. That department won’t need to come to you or contact you on call for a specific file since everything will be there in the library. This will solve many sales or marketing problems or any other problem where specific files become an obstacle.

  3. Content Management System (CMS)

    You don’t have to worry about managing your crowdfunding business page when you have HubSpot’s Content Management System (CMS). This fully integrated system is an all-in-one platform through which you can manage, optimize and personalize the content of your website. This includes everything; designing landing pages, choosing the right template of your blog, or planning appropriate content for your website. That’s not it; the CMS optimizes your webpage for different devices as well so that your network doesn’t have a problem scrolling your website through any device. Additionally, the built-in SSL secures your website and provides a safe browsing experience.

  4. Leads Magnet Feature

    In a Crowdfunding Business, one needs loyal investors. If they are set, then there won’t be an issue gathering amount for a project or startup. If you are a marketer is reading this, then this will be a treat for him. HubSpot helps marketers perform the Lead Magnet strategy as it assists them in attracting potential leads and turning them into loyal ones. Features like Call to Action and Lead-Capture forms are easily available whose responses you can track on HubSpot as well. With HubSpot providing you with everything, your marketer shouldn’t have any problem performing Lead Magnet and Conversion Mechanism strategy.

  5. Blogs Idea Generator Tool

    It is very important nowadays to have a blog section on your website where clients and viewers can gain information regarding your service or your area of work in general. However, planning blog topics, writing them, or designing a blog post requires extra effort and time. The Blog Idea Generator Tool is a really helpful feature of HubSpot in this regard. It lets you write a blog, edit it, add designs and images and with the help of Lead Magnet, the strategy helps in adding CTAs to grab clients. Once the blog is published, the tool optimizes the reading view for all devices and automatically sends an email notification to the readers. Overall it is a great tool to grab subscribers’ attention and to increase website audience retention.

  6. Service Hub

    Another great feature of HubSpot where service and warranty issues are taken care of is Service Hub. A business can’t run without issues; if that business is services based then it is obvious for customers to drop a service or warranty issue. It can be really difficult to handle the requests in a White Label Crowdfunding Software but with Service Hub integrated things get easier. Service Hub automatically creates a service ticket whenever someone launches a service request. All the tickets gather at one place that is your CRM so it becomes easier to view all requests and handle them accordingly.

  7. Social Media Management

    I am sure your Crowdfunding Business must have a social media account. There might be multiple accounts in the face; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and much more. It keeps expanding if you have a good Social Media plan. However, things get difficult when you have to manage to monitor activity on separate platforms. HubSpot offers Social Media Inbox Stream option where you can monitor all social media-related activities like reactions, comments, shares from all accounts that your add-in in. It is like the ultimate convenience one can get related to Social Media Management.

  8. Inbox Profiles

    Emailing is still considered the most professional mode of communication hence businesses can’t thrive without them. All the emails flood in your inbox but you can’t make the most out of it. HubSpot’s Inbox Profile features save you from all the hustle of finding information regarding investors, projects, and other stuff. It gets information from your Email Accounts and gathers them in one platform. It gathers contact records, activity records, and other information that you can find by just clicking on the customer profile.

  9. Meeting Links

    COVID taught us one thing – The virtual Way of Life. Most of the businesses now conduct online sessions despite restrictions getting easier now. Now meeting links can either be shared via email or through other modes of communication. However, with the HubSpot Meetings tool, you can share Meeting links with your contact. Scheduling Meeting gets easier this way. Also with the Meeting link synced with the calendar, you will always stay up to date.

  10. User-Friendly Interface

    Establishing a Crowdfunding Business on the internet or managing a White Label Crowdfunding software can be a real hustle. However, with the user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use feat of HubSpot, things get much easier than they were before. I’ve seen the business thrive well when they implemented the software because of every accessibility it provides.

    That was a comprehensive guide on HubSpot features that you can utilize in your Crowdfunding Business. Let us know in the comments if any other amazing feature was missed.

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