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Why is White Label Crowdfunding Software Better

white label Crowdfunding software

Crowdfunding has now become the best way of raising funds for a startup project. No need to run back and forth to different investors and banks for funds. Your audience will find you in crowdfunding.

If you have ever run a crowdfunding project before, you will notice that the platform you upload your campaign on charges you money. While this charge/ fee is not too significant, this may raise your concern. In that case, building your very own platform for crowdfunding will be better.

But should we build from scratch? Or should we go for white label software? We would say go for the white label. We will prove to you why white label software is the best choice for building your crowdfunding platform. We will also show you how to create a crowdfunding platform with white-label software.

Advantages of white-label crowdfunding platform

Let us start by talking about the advantages of white-label crowdfunding platforms/ software.

  • White-label crowdfunding software is more reliable

    The first reason why white label crowdfunding software is better is because of how reliable they are. White label software is built professionally by expert software developers. The vendors develop their white label software by putting lots of hours into work. This software is tested and redeveloped countless times to be perfect.

    Compare that with software that you single-handedly built. You will see that yours have more bugs and errors. But the white-label software does not have any errors. Thus, it is an advantage of white-label software.

  • They cost less than building your own

    Now compare the monetary cost of buying a white-label software and rebranding it with the cost of building your own. You will notice that the white-label software will cost significantly less.

    The cost of white-label software will either be an initial buying cost plus upgrades. Or it will be a subscription-based model.

    But if you are building your crowdfunding software and platform, you will have to bear the cost of building, testing, and maintaining the software. On the other hand, there is the cost of integrating a payment gateway, buying a domain, and many other related costs.

    If all things considered, the white-label software will have reduced costs in the long run.

    So, the monetary cost is another advantage of buying white-label software for rebranding.

  • It takes significantly less time to prepare a white-label crowdfunding site

    You should know that the time you put into building something is also a kind of cost. Now guess how much time you need to build crowdfunding software from scratch. With all the coding, testing, and domain hosting, it will take roughly 4 months to properly develop software. But then it will still contain unseen bugs and errors. Fixing those may need 4 months more because they have to be discovered first.

    That’s a total of 8 months. It will be a huge loss. Now guess how much time it is required for you to purchase a white-label crowdfunding software and rebrand it to resemble your brand.

    It will take less than a week. Or better, you can finish it within 2 days.

    So, which one is better? Of course, white-label software.

  • White-label software/ platforms are highly customizable

    A lot of you are not choosing white-label software because you think that they are not customizable. That’s wrong. White label crowdfunding software is highly customizable.

    It is not only just swapping color plates and placing your brand name. Rather it is completely redesigning the outlook of the software/ platform.

    The best part is that a lot of white-label software nowadays comes with a built-in drag and drop editor. With this, you can easily customize the interface of the platform to better present your campaigns and make them look appealing.

    On the other hand, can you implement a drag and drop editor in your own made software? If you can’t, then every edit you want to make will have to be done by coding.

  • They have very little maintenance responsibility

    White label software usually requires no maintenance other than customization and small updates. If it is a subscription-based model, then all maintenance responsibility will be on the vendor’s shoulder.

    Either way, you don’t have to do much on maintaining the software. If any error occurs, the vendor will fix it for you.

    On the other hand, if you build your software, you and your team alone will have to be responsible for all the maintenance and bug-fixing. That’s a lot of responsibility.

    So, these were the advantages of white label crowdfunding software. You can easily see that it’s a far better option than building your platform from scratch.

    So how do we start our crowdfunding website/ platform using white label software? We will describe the procedure next.

How to create a crowdfunding platform using white-label software?

So how to start a crowdfunding website for all of your future crowdfunding campaigns? Just follow this basic guideline.
Process of creating crowdfunding platform using white label crowdfunding

  • Buy a White-label crowdfunding software

    The first thing you need to do is buy white-label crowdfunding software. There are many vendors on the internet. They all have different styles of software that are customizable and their price varies.

    You will have to look for the one that suits your niche the most. Buy it and install it on your computer.

  • Customize the software and rebrand

    Next, we need to customize the software/ platform to resemble your branding. There should be a customize button in the settings. Open it. Customize it in the way you want. Put your logo and branding. Save it.

  • Integrate all necessary plug-ins

    A white-label crowdfunding software comes with many built-in features including domain and payment gateway. Check out all of them. Keep the ones that you need and add more that you deem necessary.

    You may need to use the code infection method for some plug-ins.

  • Launch it

    After all the editing, launch the platform in your selected domain. There should be an assigned domain in the white label platform. But you can always buy your domain and use it.

    And that is how you create a crowdfunding platform using white-label software.
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    So, what did we learn? White-label platforms/ software are far better than building your own from scratch. Do not shy away by thinking that white-label software is unethical. That is an absurd statement. They are legal and permitted by the white-label protocol.

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