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Top 7 Low Cost Startup Ideas for 2021


Upcoming year of 2021 came up with lots of new startup ideas and hopes. But whatever you have thought about as your start up idea would either take long time or would cost a lot or both. But here is the list of  top 10 low cost startup ideas for 2021 you should think about once.

Crowdfunding Website

Crowdfunding is not new idea and is being done even before the birth of internet but offline for various purpose and ways. First crowdfunding website was started in 2001 and In 2012, there were over 500 crowdfunding platforms online. Crowdfunding market has shown surprising trend with US$34.4bn only in 2015.

1. Reward Crowdfunding

Rewards crowdfunding is one of the popular crowdfunding type with giants like Kickstarter & Indiegogo and growing crowdfunding market with more than US$2.5bn in 2015, popular for creative product ideas where startup companies urge supporters to fund goal amount and in turn they don’t need to pay back or offer share in company but offers acknowledgements, regular news updates, free gifts or early bird products.

There are loads of reward crowdfunding websites out there on internet but newer trend is to go for only specific niche reward crowdfunding websites like Technology, Games, Product Design, Sports & Space Research.
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2. Equity & Debt Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is where people invest in an opportunity in exchange for equity whereas in debt crowdfunding people seek for lucrative interest for their invested principal amount.Equity Crowdfunding has shown impressive growth with US$2.56bn in 2015.

This crowdfunding type is mostly business crowdfunding and helped low cost startup ideas, small business sell their equity trough private equity. Equity crowdfunding with various niche market is on peak nowadays like Travel, Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy and Travel. If you are financial institute, bank, venture capital, capital investor or working as agent/broker in this sector this is the crowdfunding platform for you and our equity crowdfunding software is perfect solution for that.
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3. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding is same as equity crowdfunding but dedicated to real estate industry projects where real estate developers are the one who seek investments for their real estate projects. If you are from real estate market you should start a real estate crowdfunding website. Read our this post on  Who can start real estate crowdfunding website?.
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4. Peer to Peer Lending

Peer to Peer lending aka P2P Lending platform is all time hot crowdfunding type in 2015 and is one of the most popularly growing with highest peak among all crowdfunding types with US$25.1bn. This is the only crowdfunding type which has double figure growth rate and almost 1200% more than other crowdfunding types.

P2P lending software is newer and online version of process you already aware when you borrow money from bank or financial institutes who lends money to individuals or business for a given interest rate. And again if you are financial institute, bank, venture capital, capital investor or working as agent/broker in this sector which lends money to individuals and business our peer to peer lending software is your ultimate solution to help you start your peer to peer lending website.
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5. Crowd Sourcing

Okay, this is something different than crowdfunding where it requires number of people to achieve goal instead of monetary goal. Crowdsourcing is the process of work getting done by required number of people. In crowdsourcing goal of campaign could be anything like number of votes, number of workers, number of likes, number of shares and so on.

Crowdsourcing is widely being used different ways like

  • Non-profit organizations to source volunteer for a cause
  • To gather votes, interest from potential investors or backers on crowdfunding platforms by crowdfunding platforms
  • To crowdsource innovative ideas from employees by small, mid or large size organizations know as enterprise crowd sourcing or employee crowdsourcing.
  • Idea management platform to run business incubation programs, sponsored by private companies or municipal entities and public institutions, such as colleges and universities to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support and financial and technical services.

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6. Crowd Selling

Crowd selling aka crowd buying aka group selling aka group buying was in boom with the start of daily deal giant Groupn. Crowd selling is similar process as group buying(like Groupon) of selling products to large group of customers or investors or say supporters. Crowd selling is also being done by crowdfunding platforms where fundraisers can sell their products to large crowd in turn of their monetary support(price of product).

Our reward crowdfunding software is perfect solution if you are looking to start crowd selling platform combined with crowd funding platform where campaign owner can sell products, shipping, product addon/accessories & after selling services like insurance, maintenance, extra warranty etc in terms of perks/rewards to their potential customers.
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7. Event Marketplace

Event marketplace aka Ticket brokering website trend is in boom from last 3 years and mostly consist to allow event promoters/organizer to hosting events and sell their tickets online. Marketplace earns commission/fees on each ticket sold by event organizer.

Growth of events industry has been impressive from the day organizing events and selling tickets online has been discovered by event industry giants like This sector growth was $4bn in end of 2015 and expected to grow 3.4% in 2016 only in USA.

Our ticketing broker software is the same solution you can use to start your own event marketplace website like eventbrite, ticketmaster, ticketleap, picatic.
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Top 7 Low Cost Startup Ideas for 2016…

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