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Top 10 growth countries crowdfunding platforms


One of the hardest challenges for new companies and small businesses has always been raising money. As a result, several lucrative concepts are yet unrealized. These businesses can, however, easily obtain loans through crowdfunding. With so many online crowdfunding resources, each nation must provide the top services for its companies. Let’s look at the crowdfunding platforms for the top 10 growing countries without further ado.

Top 10 Growth Countries Crowdfunding Platform

1. Kickstarter
Country: USA

One of the significant US crowdfunding platforms is Kickstart. Because they may acquire funding for all of their creative endeavors from a site trusted by many aspiring Americans, this fantastic platform never fails to recognize talent and help it thrive, whether in music, films, gaming, or technology.

Therefore, it can be argued that this platform can, with the help of others, directly support any big inventive idea. Therefore, don’t hesitate any longer and present your company concept so that others can help you turn it into a reality.

Kickstarter vs Your own crowdfunding platform

2. CrowdCube
Country: United Kingdom

The best crowdfunding platform available in the UK is called CrowdCube. Given that it has more than one billion euros invested in it, this platform is quite well-liked. Businesses that pledge to aspirate to the future are the industry that this platform focuses on.

This platform is also well-known for its goal of democratizing investment, which they accomplish through a straightforward method. If you’re an investor, you can start here by making a 10 euro investment in the company.

3. Eureeca
Country: UAE

The top crowdfunding platform in the United Arab Emirates is Eureka. Consider Eureeca as an alternative if you’re going to fund your startup using loans from banks and other venture capital firms.

This platform is well-liked in the Middle East because it aids numerous small and medium-sized firms in obtaining the funding they require from investors. Here, you can get institutional businesses, angel investors, and casual investors to put money into your company in exchange for shares.

4. Arikovani
Country: Turkey

This Turkish crowdfunding site is renowned for providing cash to businesses with innovative technology ideas. Arikovani’s main objectives are to boost domestic technology output in Turkey and promote societal support for the technology.

Another intriguing feature of this platform is that it enables users to purchase the technology they want affordably. You must first apply if you wish to be considered for funding from this platform.

5. Tessin
Country: Sweden

Tessin is the most well-known crowdfunding platform in Sweden. This platform has received over 92 billion euros in investments, making it the ideal spot to look for startup loans.

Its successful activities over the years have made sure to support a startup that is engaged in cutting-edge research. However, to begin, you must create an account.

6. Ninja Funding
Country: Nigeria

You can raise money for any objective on the Nigerian crowdfunding platform Ninja Funding. Naturally, you probably wouldn’t expect someone to give you a loan such easily, but this is one of those systems that seek to remove the actual barrier for anyone who is having trouble finding an investor for their business.

The website offers a means of communication that makes it simple for users to get in touch with one another. Aside from business, one can also look for financial aid. Just create your fundraising campaign and link your bank account to the payment order to get started.

7. Chuffed
Country: Portugal

Another fantastic platform for crowdfunding with a Portuguese background is Chuffed. Being a nonprofit crowdfunding platform, this website stands out from the competition. It only takes contributions from nonprofits, including charities, social enterprises, neighborhood initiatives, and many more.

As you can see, this is the location for you if you’re one of those looking for ways to raise money for any social causes. No innovations or company concepts are permitted to raise funds on this platform.

8. Indiegogo
Country: Canada

One of the top crowdfunding platforms, Indiegogo, allows users to gather money for various projects quickly. They may involve entrepreneurial, creative, cause-related, and many other types of projects.

This platform has an intriguing reward-based approach that allows donors who choose to fund a project to do so with a gift rather than an equity stake in the business. This platform’s ability to be used by any nation is another fantastic feature, which explains why it is one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the world.

9. Symbid
Country: Netherland

As the first equity crowdfunding platform in the world, this website was established in 2011. This platform’s main objective is to support a company with the funding to develop creative business concepts.

This website has a considerable following since, over the years, it has provided capital in the form of shares to about 130 businesses. With over 55,821 private investors and 51 professional investors, Symbid has already exceeded its family.

10. Uprise Africa
Country: South Africa

Uprise Africa is the best-ranked crowdfunding site among its competitors in South Africa. Not only is it the first crowdfunding website in South Africa, but it also runs on contemporary principles. Furthermore, this platform is highly secure because it is overseen by the South African financial sector conduct authority.

As a result, investing in this platform is simple, and you may even raise money for your creative concept. Collectively, these things provide companies with a different way to apply for loans so they may advance their businesses.


Here are a few of the top 10 growth countries’ crowdfunding websites that can assist you in investing or quickly raising capital for your company. No one is more aware of the need for funding to bring your vision to life than you are. Therefore, if you reside in one of the nations mentioned above, you must enhance your company now rather than searching for investors.

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