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Top 10 Features Of Real Estate Crowdfunding Software

real estate crowdfunding

Introduction to Real Estate Crowdfunding Software:

With the increasing growth of crowdfunding, many industries are benefited of this innovative platform including entrepreneurs, films, creative cause, performing arts, businesses, music are the name few. Today, it has been especially well received in the real estate sector which will be the next frontier in crowdfunding technology that will change the state of crowdfunding in which individuals can likewise earn money by investing into a property.

Real Estate Crowdfunding: Next Frontier:

Recently, there are several real estate industries that are also trying to aid the projects through Web crowdfunding. Though the minimum investment is bit higher compared to other schemes, Real Estate Crowdfunding is ideal for those who desire to invest their money for great returns. It is an excellent alternative to traditional lending sources and It has brought benefits not only for investors but also for real estate companies and for the real estate market as a whole; Being a booming market, Real Estate Crowdfunding is slowly gaining popularity among the potential investors as it delivers higher return on investment to other types of crowdfunding projects.

Get to Know About Our White Label Real Estate Crowdfunding Software:

PHP Crowdfunding Site offers fully customized Real Estate Crowdfunding Script, that helps you to set up your own full-fledged portal wherein people can list new commercial or residential real estate projects, and investors from the public can review and opt to invest through the online crowdfunding portal approach.

Our customized real estate crowdfunding software helps you to build website similar to popular real estate crowdfunding sites like iFunding, Fundrise, Realty Mogul and Crowdstreet. You can create a direct clone of these sites and even customize your site further to make it unique. We have an expert professional team who know the ins and outs of the market and this helps us to add advanced features to our real estate crowdfunding script.

Have a Look at the Top 10 Features of Our Real Estate Crowdfunding Software:

 => Admin Features:

  • Accreditation Process: This feature offer the admin an ability to manage investors with their accreditation status manually/via api.
  • Contract Management: With this feature, the admin has the facility to a complete contract management system to manage dynamic contact content. It helps to save time and adds value to each step of the contract’s lifecycle from request to the approval, execution and renewal process.
  • Deal Management: It offers an easy deal management module to enable/disable and edits parameters of equity, debt, profit sharing and convertible equity.
  • Investment Management: Our real estate crowdfunding script offers an easy and complete investment management module to receive, confirm and manage investment from investors. Admin is able to manage each investment personally to ensure that it was all gone right.
  • Payment Gateway: Pre-installed multiple payment gateways are offered with our fundraising script that enables you to get the power of payment gateways. We offer secure payment gateways integration including Paypal Adaptive, Stripe, WePay and Wallet. We provide a free choice to users who verify payment gateway/bank account to get funds in the end of campaign.

=> Campaign Features:

  • Multiple Company: This feature offers the users an ability to create multiple companies with one account and get funded. It’s like you are able to structure multiple platforms under one roof.
  • Multiple Deals: It offer user an ability to choose the best deal for his/her campaign i.e Equity, Debt, Profit sharing and Convertible Equity.
  • Market Summary: With this feature users are able to describe market summary for property and project.
  • Property Summary: This feature offers the users an ability to describe property summary so users are free to fully describe his/her property.
  • Annual Return: Due to this unique feature, our script offers an automatic actual return calculation to display on campaign page.

If the above information has made you interested to know more about our Real Estate Crowdfunding Software and its striking features, please feel free to contact us.

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