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Top 10 Features of Equity Crowdfunding Software

Equity Crowdfunding

If you are planning to start your own crowdfunding platform? The selection of the right niche/category for your crowdfunding site is very critical to the definitive achievement of your crowdfunding startup. Crowdfunding has shown clear growth in all sectors including reward-based crowdfunding, equity-based or real estate-based fundraising. Here you can get to know about Equity Crowdfunding Software and its salient features and decide how it will be beneficial for your fundraising platform.

Introduction to Equity Crowdfunding:


Equity crowdfunding is the name given to the fundraising procedure where individuals invest in a campaign/project of a startup company or small business in return for shares in that particular organization. It is like same to some other type of investment in shares for an organization, the main distinction being that it can be possible online without much trouble. If the campaign/project makes benefits, the value of its shares goes up, accordingly offering investment, the investors gain a return on their investment. Equity crowdfunding is usually known as Investment Crowdfunding, Crowd Investing or Crowd Equity.

Equity Crowdfunding: Next Frontier:

The Jobs Act, signed by President Obama in April 2012, has made equity crowdfunding for unaccredited investors legal, along with a half dozen other pieces of legislation, all aimed at making access to capital more available to small business owners and entrepreneurs. As the law was approved, entrepreneurs nationwide now can raise money by selling stock to small-time investors. And now, the recent law of Title-III of the Jobs Act has been passed by SEC and it has ended the long waiting for non-accredited investors to be legalized.

Today, Equity Crowdfunding is giving an opportunity to a larger number of investors to become evangelists. For more insights please have a look at Equity Crowdfunding: New Frontier For Investors And VCs.

Get to Know About Our Fully Customized Equity Crowdfunding Software:

In the recent digitization arena, building your own equity crowdfunding platform has become a very fruitful way for your startup dream. Equity Crowdfunding Software is generally a script that enables you to set up an equity crowdfunding platform in the form of a portal or a website where entrepreneurs or equity fundraisers are able to invite interested people to invest in their startups through our online fundraising portal approach.

At Fundraisingscript.com, we help in developing a fully customized Equity Crowdfunding Platform with advanced features. Our script helps the project creators with a simple installation process which enables them to start a project within minutes even without any programming or coding expertise.

Have a Look at the Top 10 Features of Our Equity Crowdfunding Software:

Admin Features:

  • Accreditation Process: With the help of this unique feature, the admin is able to manage investors with their accreditation status manually/via API.
  • Contract Management: It facilitates the admin of a complete contract management system to manage dynamic contact content and saves time and adds value to each step of the contract’s lifecycle from request to the approval, execution and renewal procedure.
  • Deal Management: Our easy deal management module enables/disables and edits parameters of equity, debt, profit sharing and convertible equity.
  • Investment Management: Easy and complete investment management module to receive, confirm and manage investment from investors. Manage each investment personally to make sure it was all gone right.
  • Payment Gateway: We offer multiple pre-installed payment gateways with our fundraising script so you are able to get the power of payment gateways. Secure payment gateway integration including Paypal adaptive, Stripe, Wallet and Manual Bank wire are offered at Fundraisingscript.com. Users are free to choose and verify payment gateway/bank account to get funds at the end of the campaign.

Campaign Features:

  • Multiple Company: Users are free to create multiple companies under one account and get funded. It’s like you are able to structure multiple platforms under one roof.
  • Multiple Deals: Users are able to choose the best deal for his/her campaign i.e Equity, Debt, Profit sharing and Convertible Equity.
  • Elevator Pitch: With the help of this unique feature, the user is able to draft full details of his/her campaign including a full description and timeline.
  • Team Management: The user is able to manage a team with the ability to give appropriate title/designation and editor permissions.
  • Censor Comments: This feature offers users the ability to moderate, approve, and deny comments manually before they go live on his/her campaign page. With the help of this feature, a user is able to see the comments posted on his/her campaign page and can deny bad comments from spammers.

If you have any inquiries or want to know more about our Equity Crowdfunding Software and its salient features, then feel free to contact us.

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