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Top 10 features of DocuSign for white label crowdfunding software

Docusign for white label crowdfunding software

White label crowdfunding software leveraging DocuSign to optimize, manage and improve digital transactions for crowdfunding platforms to execute legal documents seamlessly. DocuSign allows managing electronic agreements. that helps different organizations to automate processes, reduce costs, insecurity in printing, scanning to complete transactions in order to achieve swift results, improve customer satisfaction, and cost reduction.

Each day, different people and businesses engage documents with signatures that mean a lot of things in securing and authenticating transactions for smooth and easy service engagement and deliveries. In white label investment crowdfunding software, DocuSign comes with amazing features such as document e-signatures, formats, API integration, clickwrap agreements, contract lifecycle management, and so on.

In this blog, we’ll look at the top 10 features of DocuSign for improving White label crowdfunding software for crowdfunding platforms.


What is DocuSign

DocuSign is a company located in the US. It helps businesses to manage and automate their business to customer relationship agreements in the form of eSignatures, format documents, API integration, and many others

What is White Label Crowdfunding

This is usually through a predefined crowdfunding system that gives customers the opportunity to create and customize their unique crowdfunding business through investment plans or individual business setup.

Top 10 features of DocuSign for white label crowdfunding

DocuSign has more than 12 different applications that can help crowdfunding businesses to thrive. These applications help businesses to create better customer and employee experiences with swift processes, less risk, and lower costs. Here is the list of the features of DocuSign that help white label investment crowdfunding to thrive.

1. DocuSign eSignature

This feature helps to send and sign business agreements with the easiest electronic signature solution. In white label investment crowdfunding software, this can be used to reduce the number of paperwork and workload contracts. It enables signing at convenient times, is available, and easy to use on any device anywhere in the world.

It allows investors to upload, send and submit the required court-admissible documents after the agreement has been reached. It also helps crowdfunders to update and send reminders to investors in order to keep business moving. All these processes are done at a faster rate, lower cost and with reduced errors.

2. DocuSign CLM

During contracts, DocuSign CLM manages time and reduces errors by automating the entire contract lifecycle with easy document generation, collaboration, workflow, and a central agreement repository. It also creates agreements with pre-populated information from other systems.

DocuSign CLM helps to manage and improve agreements with business partners. It also helps in collaborating and negotiating with external parties through commenting and suggestions. It allows easy sending and signing through DocuSign e-signature directly from the DocuSign CLM dashboard. It allows for easy integration with Salesforce and other systems of record.

3. DocuSign Insight

DocuSign insight helps crowdfunding platforms to understand what’s in the agreements. This software is powered by artificial intelligence AI which enables contract analysis, risks, and uncovers hidden opportunities. It extracts key terms and clauses with pre-built, customizable AI models.

It also comes with a filter feature that helps to locate and analyze agreements to answer legal and business questions. It differentiates relevant terms across contracts side-by-side and clean and clear findings on the dashboard and reports. DocuSign insight software provides a better analyzer to negotiate agreements easily.

4. Customer Identity Verification

It is always good to know your customers. With the use of a custom white label crowdfunding software through the DocuSign Signer Identity feature, you can identify your investors beyond the traditional ways of clicking email links.

The feature provides identity recognition, identification, and authentication through improved systems. It gives high-value agreement protections, risk reduction and also supports compliance in and out of operation.

The software helps to automatically verify all major government-issued IDs of donors and investors or crowdfunders with ID Verification. You can automate the process and also manually review the IDs. It shows verification status and ID data into your system of record using APIs.

5. DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate Investment

This feature helps brokers in the real estate investment crowdfunding business to manage transaction processes. It enables teamwork and quick management—whether they’re in the office, hosting an open house, or with a client.

This software is a cloud-based real estate solution for brokers, investors, and agents in the crowdfunding business to manage transactions from different channels. It comes with a design to streamline collaboration and accelerate workflows. It also helps to manage any payment challenging issues. It has document libraries, form editors, and eSignature.

6. DocuSign Integrations

DocuSign features many major integrations that help crowdfunding businesses aggregate work in one place. Examples are Salesforce, sap, Microsoft, oracle, apple, and google using google drive and other features to carry out services. All these integrations can be managed on any device—on mobile devices and desktops.

7. DocuSign Click API

This API captures white label crowdfunding investors’ consents to standard agreement terms with one click. Features like terms and conditions, terms of use, terms of service, privacy policy and so on. The API also allows for customizable clickwrap solutions in the integrations. It also helps investors or donors to understand what they are consenting to before clicking to sign.

8. DocuSign Admin API

The admin API helps white label investment crowdfunding to automate investors or donors with the existing data without compromise. It also helps to make changes and updates to all the investors in one operation. It enables crowdfunding platforms to export information easily.

9. Two-in-one Payment Feature

DocuSign payment feature helps investors to complete forms and make payments with a single click. With DocuSign payment, you can say goodbye to complicated collections. It ensures investors get smooth payment methods and processes without any hassle. It ensures there’s a swift payment process and also prevents payment errors.

10. DocuSign Hybrid Cloud Appliances

This feature maximizes compliance and provides more flexibility by meeting rigorous security standards and certifications. It also helps to leverage existing systems to get up and start running in-built integrations.

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Contract-based crowdfunding such as investment in white label crowdfunding will benefit immensely with the use of DocuSign’s unique features to transform how they prepare, sign, use and manage documents and other items with investors and fundraising creators.

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