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Stripe and Crowdfunding: A Perfect Match for Fundraising Success

Stripe and Crowdfunding A Perfect Match for Fundraising Success
Stripe and Crowdfunding A Perfect Match for Fundraising Success

The world of online transactions has evolved significantly, and with the rise of white label crowdfunding platforms, the need for secure and efficient payment gateways has never been more crucial. Stripe, a popular online payment processing service, has emerged as a top choice for crowdfunding platforms. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to Stripe, explore why it’s an excellent choice for crowdfunding, and walk you through the key steps in setting up and using Stripe effectively.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is an online payment processing platform that enables businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Whether you’re operating an e-commerce store, a subscription service, or, in our case, a crowdfunding platform, Stripe provides the infrastructure to handle payments securely and efficiently.

Why choose Stripe as a crowdfunding platform?

1. Ease of Use:

Stripe’s user-friendly interface and clear documentation make it accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. It simplifies the complex process of handling payments, making it a top choice for crowdfunding platforms.

2. Global Reach:

Stripe supports various payment methods and currencies, making it ideal for crowdfunding campaigns with a diverse audience.

3. Advanced Features:

Stripe offers a variety of advanced features, such as subscription billing, fraud prevention, and the ability to handle complex payment flows, which can benefit crowdfunding platforms.

Setting Up Your Stripe Account

Before using Stripe as your payment gateway, you need to set up your Stripe account. Here are the key steps:

Creating a Stripe Account

1. Go to the Stripe website (
2. Click the “Sign Up” button and follow the registration process.
3. Provide your business information, including your business type, name, and address.

Verifying Your Identity

1. Stripe will require you to verify your identity to ensure compliance with financial regulations.
2. Follow the verification process, which may include providing documents such as your ID and business licenses.

Setting Up Your Business Information

1. Access your Stripe dashboard.
2. Fill in your business details, including your business website, industry type, and bank account information.
3. Configure your Stripe account settings according to your business needs.

Integrating Stripe with Your Crowdfunding Platform

Once your Stripe account is set up, you must integrate it with your crowdfunding platform. This involves:

Choosing a Crowdfunding Platform

Select a crowdfunding platform for your campaigns, such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or a custom-built platform.

Accessing Payment Gateway Settings

In your chosen crowdfunding platform, navigate to the payment gateway settings or integrations section.

Connecting Your Stripe Account

Follow the provided instructions to link your Stripe account to the crowdfunding platform. This connection allows you to accept payments from backers seamlessly.

Accepting Payments with Stripe

Stripe supports various payment methods, including credit card payments and international transactions. You can customize how you want to receive payments, whether as one-time contributions or recurring pledges.

Payment methods supported by Stripe:

Stripe offers various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and bank transfers. This flexibility ensures that backers can contribute using their preferred payment method.

Handling credit card payments:

Stripe securely processes credit card payments, ensuring that sensitive cardholder data is handled according to industry standards.

Dealing with international payments:

Stripe supports multiple currencies and automatically converts payments into the chosen currency, making it easier for international backers to contribute.

Here are some documents helpful for integrating the stripe for crowdfunding platforms.


Availability of stripes in different countries:

Stripe is available in 46 nations, and additional countries will soon have access. When Stripe becomes accessible in your country, you’ll have the capability to sell to customers worldwide.

Countries supported by stripe

Countries supported by stripe

Fee structure of stripe:

For online transactions, Stripe typically charges a fee per successful payment. This fee varies by country but is often a fixed percentage of the transaction amount plus a small fixed fee. For example, it might be 2.9% + $0.30 per successful transaction in the United States.

It’s important to check Stripe’s official website for the most accurate and current fee information.

Some popular crowdfunding sites use stripe in their platforms:

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Indiegogo
  3. GoFundMe
  4. Fundable
  5. Crowdfunder

Investment Process Through Stripe

To invest with different payment gateways, select one active project. All payment structures are already integrated: Stripe, PayPal & ACH. A registered investor can only move further for investment in this project.

Investment Process (Payment Gateway)

  • Once Investor selects the interested project and clicks on “Invest Now”, the system leads to the investment process, where the investor has to fill in the interested amount or number of shares.
  • To finalize the investment, need to sign the agreement document. And move further.
  • Investment page (View & Sign the contract)
Investment page (View & Sign the contract)

Investment page

  • Contract Pop-up (scroll to reach the sign structure)
Contract Pop-up (scroll to reach the sign structure)

Contract Pop-up (scroll to reach the sign structure)

  • Contract Pop-up (Add signature and mark agreement)
-Contract Pop-up (Add signature and mark agreement)

Contract Pop-up (Add signature and mark agreement)

  • Download the contract (After signing)
Download the contract (After sign)

Download the contract (After signing)

Payment with Stripe


  • The application contains multiple online payment facilities. Stripe is one of them, and equity crowdfunding has integrated the Stripe payment gateway. Once the application is shared with the respective owner, they must exchange the sandbox account keys with the purchased one.

Card payment through Stripe.

  • Card (Stripe) – to select and pay with Stripe payment gateway.
    If the Investor cannot pay due to some circumstances after 10 minutes, the project allotment amount is reset. The amount is $ 1,250.
Investment payment with the stripe

Investment payment with the stripe

  • Proceed to Pay: Lead to the authorized & secured payment gateway.
  • Insert the valid card details and proceed with the secure payment.
    Once the payment has been made, it returns to the system with the payment receipt.

Entering the card details with the stripe payment gateway

  • To verify the transaction, we have the Transaction ID, amount, and success note.
  • To check the full summary, need to track the stored investment information through “Track Investment” – leads to the Investor dashboard.

Payment receipt from the stripe

  • Investor Dashboard: This module holds the investment information and signed documents.
Investor Dashboard: this module holds the investment information along with per investment signed documents.

Investor dashboard


What is a stripe sandbox?

  • The Stripe sandbox is a testing environment provided by Stripe, a popular online payment processing platform. It allows developers to simulate and test transactions without processing real payments or affecting actual financial data. The purpose of the sandbox is to help developers integrate and test their payment processing functionality in a controlled and secure environment before deploying it in a live or production environment.
Stripe API Management From Crowdfunding Platform Admin

Stripe API Management From Crowdfunding Platform Admin


Key features of the Stripe sandbox include:

  1. Simulated Transactions: Developers can use the sandbox to simulate various transactions, such as successful payments, failed payments, and refunds, to ensure their payment integration works as expected.
  2. Testing Different Scenarios: The sandbox allows developers to test different scenarios, such as handling declined cards, testing subscription billing, and verifying how their application responds to various API responses.
  3. No Real Money Involved: Since the sandbox is a testing environment, no real money is involved. Developers can use test credit card numbers and other simulated data to mimic real-world scenarios without the risk of actual financial transactions.
  4. Separate from Production: The sandbox environment is separate from the live production environment, which means that any tests or experiments conducted do not impact real user accounts or financial data.

To use the Stripe sandbox, developers typically create a test account on the Stripe platform and obtain API keys specifically for the sandbox environment. These keys are then used in the development and testing phase. Once the integration has been thoroughly tested and verified in the sandbox, developers can switch to using the live API keys for processing real payments in a production environment.

Managing transaction fees from the admin panel:


Managing stripe transaction fees from admin panel of crowdfunding platform

Managing stripe transaction fees from the admin panel of the crowdfunding platform


  • As the platform owner of a crowdfunding platform, you can customize transaction fees seamlessly through the Stripe admin panel. This includes modifying the base transaction fees, such as the default 2.9% plus 30 cents, and additionally, you have the flexibility to impose and manage your administrative fees effortlessly directly from the admin panel.

Managing the stripe enable/disable status and repayment status.

  • As the administrator of a crowdfunding platform, you can oversee the Stripe enable/disable status directly from the admin panel. Additionally, you can manage repayment statuses, including the disbursement of interests, dividends, and rents to investors. This empowers project owners to seamlessly execute repayments through Stripe or opt for alternative methods per their preferences.
In conclusion, Stripe’s robust features make it a top choice for crowdfunding platforms. This guide covered setting up and integrating Stripe, explained the investment process, and highlighted the importance of the Stripe sandbox for testing. As a platform owner, you can manage transaction fees and enable/disable status seamlessly from the admin panel. Stripe’s global reach, advanced features, and secure payment processing make it a reliable solution for crowdfunding success.
If you’re curious about how Mangopay payment solution functions within the context of crowdfunding platforms, explore the details in our article here:



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