Secrets To Craft Kickass Crowdfunding Project Description To Draw More Backers

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project-manager-job-description.ashxCrowdfunding is global and growing.The industry is growing on a global scale much faster than even some of the brightest economic analysts predicted.At the end of 2015 research suggest that $93 Billion in investment funds could be globally available.

So Crowdfunding has become that ultimate solution which supports great ideas which are left behind the pages of your journal just because you didn’t have the money to back it up and this is possible if…

  • you know the right way to ask for help
  • you know how to make your project description reach out to potential backers
  • you know who will give money for my project

Let’s have a look to some crucial points which will help your project reach out to a larger audience with a attractive project description.

  • Project Title/Tagline :- Your project title should be simple, specific, and memorable. Try to make good use of this project title and AIM IT TO MAKE IT SEARCHABLE. Make sure it describes your product in totality and has a positive impact on those who come across your campaign/project.
  • Project Description :- Here in this section you can give a bit more information about you and your project. This is the area where you earn your sponsors’ trust. Start with story telling about your idea /product, the major product features, include plan for spending money you will raise. Even you can put some images for every feature or GIF’s that shows the functionalities better.If your product is trying to solve a global problem, don’t forget to highlight the same on your description with proper stats and demographics.
  • Why are YOU the one to take on this project? :- Here you have to mention your previous achievements for which you are suitable & more confident to take project.You should include your passion about your project and also mention the reason behind why should people trust you to carry the project?
  • Sound Positive :- If you’ve got a certain story behind the launch of your product, make sure to let your backers know about it. Be sure that you sound positive and enthusiastic about what you aim to achieve.
  • Perks :- Mention the perks you provide under every pledge in a separate column or image on the description page. So your backers will know exactly what’s in for them whenever they choose a certain pledge.
  • Estimate Delivery :- How much time will be taken in completing entire manufacturing of product & also estimate delivery of product both should be highlighted on the description page, So that your backers know that you’ve already planned how to move about with the delivery of your product once the funding is complete.
  • Who is your project aimed at? :- When discussing an appropriate tone for your project description, it’s important to think about who might be reading it.You might need to spend a little time identifying your crowd. Who are they?Who else might care?it might be an idea to position your project to a target audience who you expect to be most passionate about your cause. Encourage these people to care about your project sufficiently and broadcast to others that they should care as well.

Finally, above mentioned points will help your project description to draft it effectively and perhaps your idea will be the next crowdfunding success story.

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