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Growth In Crowdfunding Industry Results Hike In Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is a strategy for raising capital through the collective efforts of friends, family, clients and individual investors. This fundraising method takes advantages of the collective efforts of a substantial group of people – Initially online by means of social media and crowdfunding platforms – and influences their networks for greater span and exposure.

In today’s digitalization world, Web Crowdfunding is a new and rapidly growing industry, due to the fact that crowdfunding now makes it workable for you to really come up with the funds to turn your thought/dream into reality and also helps to get your business going. Internet has given the new shape to crowdfunding sector for raising funds and collecting funds from all over the globe by means of various web crowdfunding platforms which work to bring both the project creators & backers on a common platforms.

Earlier President Barack Obama & Congress have signed the JOBS Act and it has changed the scenario of the crowdfunding industry. Nowadays Crowdfunding has shown a tremendous rate of growth causing a shift in the role of financial institutions around the globe and influencing government policies and market trends. There have been the explosion of crowdfunding industry as it is growing on a global scale much faster even some of the brightest economic analysts have predicted.


In accordance with the Statista, the global crowdfunding industry grew immensely in 2020 – reach $12.27 billion. The industry have shown growth and raised more than double once again and reached to $196.36.4 billion in 2021.(source URL –—Blockchain-Technology-and-Niche-Crowdfunding-Platforms-Set-to-Lead-to-Sizable-Demand— While donation-based, reward-based and equity-based campaigns typically get the most headlines with the growth $3.85 billion, $3.68 billion and $3.56 billion respectively, it’s lending-based crowdfunding that dominated the industry as in 2020, it raised $35.01 billion dollars.

With being JOBS Act more and more advantageous for crowdfunding industry, equity crowdfunding has bounce forth as the newest category of crowdfunding and is further accelerating this growth and disruption. With this, we can see that crowdfunding has shown a rapid growth, which has a massive economic impact on every industry including film, real estate, debt & lending, music, sports, agriculture, science & technology, health & medical, charities and education are the name amongst few.

From above information, one can realize that with the demand of crowdfunding in the market it is a boom time to enter into crowdfunding industry for any of the fruitful idea to become reality and one can do it by launching his/her own crowdfunding website/platform by using our White Label Crowdfunding Script. Feel free to contact us for further information get a quick online demo.

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