Five Ingenious Things You Can Do With Crowdfunding Platform

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In the world of crowdfunding platform development solutions, is a big name that has come up with a new way and version of crowdfunding software that helps companies, individuals and entrepreneur in setting up their own crowdfunding platform online. Our customized white label crowdfunding Software helps in installing a full-fledged, advanced and convenient crowdfunding platform on your website for any of your niche market including

  • Reward-based Crowdfunding
  • Donation Crowdfunding
  • Equity Crowdfunding
  • Real-Estate Crowdfunding
  • Lending Crowdfunding


Our white label crowdfunding script would be customized as per your needs and requirements. We are able to cater all your need with our pre-made solutions or ability to add and customize new features as per your given preferences.

Here are the five ingenious things that you can do with

  1. Create Your Own Customized Crowdfunding Platform:

With the help of customized fundraising script, you are able to create your own white label crowdfunding platform very easily. It can be customized as per your required theme, design, branding preferences as well as with several salient features.

 2. Self Host Your Crowdfunding Campaign On Your Own Domain:

Compared to launching your campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, where you are bound to limited period of time as they provide, here, with your own crowdfunding website, you are your own boss. With the help of white label crowdfunding software, you are able to self host your crowdfunding campaign on your own domain. You can work for yourself, manage your own business and you can put a deadline time for your campaign as per your needs without any limitation.

 3. Make Your Branding Powerful:

We develop and launch custom portals that encompass your unique brand and you get a chance of powerful online marketing capabilities to broadcast your deals to your network of accredited investors.

 4. Increase Traffic Over Your Campaign with Our Advanced Campaign Features:

With the help of our fully customized and trusted crowdfunding platform, which is featured with latest social media sites, you are able to advertise your website and campaign and make your branding powerful by finding partners, investors and loyal customers as well. By advertising in social media sites, you can get social attention and with this you are able to increase traffic over your campaign.

 5. Monetize Your Crowdfunding Platform:

By launching your own crowdfunding platform on our white label fundraising script, you are able to save the fees that you have to pay on any third party crowdfunding platforms. You are able to keep 100% funding(excepting the service tax) and even you are able to allow other project owners to launch their campaigns on your website and with this you can monetize your crowdfunding platform.

If you have a vision for any crowdfunding niche including Reward, Donation, Equity, Real-Estate or Lending, you can choose as we offer end-to-end solutions of crowdfunding for any niche. For further information, feel free to contact us.Crowdfunding-Banner-2z2ulhdio9etsfc4zcn1mo