Crowdfunding Wedding | New way to step in your happy life

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Crowdfunding is used for just anything. As a matter of fact, crowdfunding wedding now exists and it’s not actually a bad thing. After all, we all know how expensive it is to get married, the reason why some people have come to a decision to live together despite them not being married yet. In addition to that, we all have our dream wedding, right? So, a lot of couples out there has found out the crowdfunding platform as the key for them to have their dream wedding without them spending much for it.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of crowdfunding sites that couples can use for their wedding or honeymoon. In addition to that, it has also served as a way for the couple’s family and friends to show their support or give the couple a gift that would be meaningful for them and something that the couple really wanted.

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How Wedding Crowdfunding Works?

Typically, couples who are about to get married have big plans not only for their wedding but also for their honeymoon as well. Hence, they sometimes seek for help from their loved ones and friends and the use the money that have they accumulated to pay for the travel expenses for their honeymoon. In other words, they use it as a honeymoon fund. On the other hand, some also uses it to pay for the venue for the wedding, the wedding gown of the bride and for the gifts to be given to the guests as a token of thanks for them attending the special event in the lives of the couple. [Start your own wedding crowdfunding platform]

Impact Using Crowdfunding for Wedding 

Crowdfunding can have a positive and negative impact, depending on the couple who are doing it. For some, it may look tacky and distasteful. After all, it is the couple’s decision to get married and as they have already decided to start a new chapter in their life as husband and wife, why should people donate money for their wedding? Why would they even get married if they can’t even afford to pay for it? In addition to that, some people may also perceive it as something rude or something that is equivalent as begging but when you look at it on the other side, the couple is not actually asking for some funds from just any stranger out there but they are asking for some funds from their family, close relatives and friends. In addition to that, it’s also not like the couple forcing people to give them money. Also, the couple informs the people whom they are asking for some funds from in a nice way.

All in all, crowdfunding honeymoon can both be a good and bad thing. Nevertheless, just because it can be a bad thing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it out. After all, it might be the key towards you being a step closer in marrying the love of your life in a lavish way!

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