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Best Crowdfunding Software Development Company

crowdfunding software development company

As we all know, the Crowdfunding Software Development Platform is the leading and safest investment form of the portal where the group or investor can fund the startup companies in return for a share in equity. And the wonderful Crowdfunding scripts help you to raise the fund by crowdfunding as per your own needs, matters, or events.

If you are looking for a professional Crowdfunding software development company, then trust me Fundraising Script is the best Crowdfunding Software Development Company with 500 + Crowdfunding platforms, integrated with more than 20 + different payment gateway.

Fundraising Script is a reputed name in the world of Crowdfunding Software development solutions.

Below are some features that give this Crowdfunding Software development company an edge over others. Here we go:

  1. Fully Customizable, Scaleable Crowdfunding Software

We provide you a full-fledged, state-of-the-art user interface and user-friendly website. Our Crowdfunding Software is fully customizable, scalable as per your needs, and the self-hosted crowdfunding will help your business exponentially and skyrocket your revenue.

The crowdfunding software developed and designed by us will be fully responsive, modern, and compatible with all platforms and devices. Also, there will be on-demand 24×7 support availability.

  1. Over 10 years of experience and served more than 500 clients

We are the one-stop-shop digital agency with over 10 years of experience and proven record of delivering over five hundred projects, which is significant enough to highlight our expertise as custom crowdfunding software development.

Our expert and dedicated resources that get engaged fully in every project make our company one of the best Crowdfunding Software Development Company. We undertake to provide our clients with the best possible self Hosted Crowdfunding websites.

We have technical expertise and knowledge to deliver advanced Crowdfunding Software solutions across the following domains:

Reward Crowdfunding Software

Donation Crowdfunding Software

Equity Crowdfunding Software

Real Estate Crowdfunding Software

P2P Lending Software

Renewable Energy crowdfunding software

Enterprise Crowdfunding Software.

We have a deep industry experience working across various startups, small, medium, and large enterprises.

When you choose us, you are working with someone who builds crowdfunding in the past more than 500 + clients.

  1. Domain Knowledge:

In Software development, one of the most valuable is domain knowledge. It is an in-depth understanding of business, process, and industry. And if we talk about crowdfunding, domain knowledge plays a key role.

If you have an idea to build a crowdfunding platform, we would like to learn more about in-depth as we have a passion for a purpose for doing this.

We will not provide you the “canned” solutions — instead, we bring extensive experience of developing solutions for different models and for various business domains.

We will provide you Custom Crowdfunding Script Development as we understand your needs.

Either it is rewards-based, donation-based, or equity-based, we precisely know the facts-that-matter the most for the success of a crowdfunding portal development.

The more creative you can get with your concept, the more attention you may receive after the launch.

  1. High-Quality Flexible source code

The white-label crowdfunding software solution is able to cater to all your needs. We have pre-made crowdfunding solutions with the ability to add and customize new features as per your requirements.

Our Crowdfunding clone script is with high-quality flexible source code. We developed our script with Codeigniter, Android, and iOS mobile in the native language, and it easily goes with any website.

The software developed by us goes well with creative, technology, arts, and business startup funding platform.

  1. Payment Integration with the right payment gateway to increase the profit and decrease transaction fees

As we all know, crowdfunding software is all about dealing with money.

Crowdfunding site in terms of appeal, design, will go nowhere unless both funders and recipients have trust in the flow of the money.

Choosing the right payment gateway is one of the most important decisions. A lot of payment integration options to support payment gateway is available in the market. But selecting the right payment Integration is challenging as selecting the right one can increase profit by 20% and reduce transaction fees.

We have a client who paid transaction fees uptown $30,000 in the first year of launch. We provide you the secure and multiple payment gateways integrations such as PayPal adaptive, WePay, Stripe, and Wallet.

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  1. Marketing strategies by Professional Crowdfund Managers

The Crowdfunding Platform is proved to be the perfect revolutionary marketing tool.

The fundraisers can easily reach the investors to raise funds for their ideas with the help of efficient and successful marketing strategy, and most successful projects require effort and great strategic marketing.

To create a crowdfunding campaign, it requires high UX and UI design experience, also a great understanding of the target audience.

We developed the script based on the analysis of our personal, professional crowd fund managers to make the website with business strategy and perfect planning, covering the campaign and creating lasting brand awareness for your startup and organization.

  1. Campaign Feedback Module, along with a newsletter and e-mail notification features

Complete campaign feedback module provides feedback, and with the help of e-mail notification and newsletter, you can keep your campaign’s funders up to date. As frequently communicating with them builds trust, inspires further support, and keeps them apprised of any unforeseen delays or complications.

  1. Secure, Multi-Layer Platform with 24*7 Technical Support

The secure and multi-layer platform of the crowdfunding platform will prevent hacks, SQL injections, and other vulnerabilities. Also, we provide you the full technical and dedicated support, training for our crowdfunding software.

You can also explore custom crowdfunding platform ideas, tips, and many more via our blog. Our blog is up-to-date with the latest information.

  1. Zero Payment failure Chances

The code of our script is developed according to the Google standards. Also, we integrated the secure payment gateways for the users to make their transactions more authenticate and efficient. So, payment failure chances are zero. Also, the 24*7 online on-demand support keeps your funders away from delays.

  1. Easy to integrate a campaign with Social Media Platforms

The crowdfunding software developed by us privileges users to share campaigns over social networking websites easily to get maximum social attention. You can share your story and let your potential funders know how your product or business idea can benefit them in the future.

Crowdfunding software developed by Fundraising Script will provide you the almost all campaign creation related support. You can also build smart transaction reports along with the understanding of successful transactions.

The list of the features offered by the Fundraising Script company is unlimited, so I will summarize it by saying,

“This best Crowdfunding Software Development Company offers you unique online fundraising business opportunities along with up-to-date, innovative features such as Captcha, Multi Language, knowledgebase, progress meter, CMS, Dynamic Service fees, embed code, multi-currency and the list goes on…”

What are you waiting for? Why not start with a Crowdfunding Software development company like Fund Raising Script that has vast experience of over 10 years in developing crowdfunding websites/platforms?


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