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Benefits and Drawbacks of Crowdfunding You Must Know

benefits and drawback of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is one of the best ways of raising funds for a business, startup, or content creator. Due to the flexibility and customizability crowdfunding offers, these platforms have become very popular recently, and both investors and fundraisers are being benefitted from these platforms.

Even though crowdfunding platforms offer a ton of benefits, they aren’t perfect. They offer a ton of benefits as well as some drawbacks, and it’s important to know both before you decide to invest in crowdfunding.

In this article, we’ll discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of crowdfunding programs. Let’s get right to it.

Drawbacks of Crowdfunding Programs

We’ll be taking a look at the drawbacks first so that you can decide if crowdfunding is for you or not fast.

Lots of Scammers

The major problem with crowdfunding programs is that they are full of scammers. There are a ton of projects that don’t execute what they’ve promised despite reaching the expected funding. This is very frustrating, and more so because it’s tough to get your money back even in these cases.

However, not everyone will scam you on crowdfunding programs. If you’re cautious enough, you’re going to find a lot of potential startups that you’ll be able to trust. Then again, there are many businesses that will return your money if they fail to launch the project for some reason.

The main trick is to remain alert while investing in any business so that you don’t encounter fraud. What’s scary is, if you encounter a fraud even once, you’ll naturally lose trust over the crowdfunding platforms over time and you’ll feel lenient in investing through them. So, make sure you don’t come across one in the first place.

Finding Investors is Tough

One of the well-established myths of the modern world is that crowdfunding programs find investors for you. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. In most cases, it’s found that a successful fundraiser has worked closely with his personal network and investors that he knew previously have funded him through a specific platform.

Once a project crosses a specific bar of funding, others feel compelled to invest in that as that project seems viable after crossing a threshold. Let’s be realistic here, no one’s going to trust you and invest in you without knowing what you’re really up to. So, there’s a correlation between the number of external links funding a project with the success of the project.

Fundraising is Very Tough

As we’ve said earlier, you won’t get any funding if you can’t find external links that’ll fund you up to reach a specific bar first. So, raising funds through these platforms is tougher than what you’d expect.

Benefits of Crowdfunding Programs

Don’t let the drawbacks stop you from reading further. Despite the obviou drawbacks, crowdfunding platforms offer a ton of benefits that makes investing i them worth it. Let’s take a look at them.

Can Raise Funds without Sacrificing Equity

One of the best things about crowdfunding is that, if you can manage to choose the right platform for yourself, you’ll be able to raise funds without sacrificing any equity! Sure, there are a lot of platforms that operate by selling the shares of fundraisers. However, there is also an abundance of reward-based and donation- based platforms that don’t require fundraisers to sell their equity.

Centralizes Communication and Keeps Power Intact

The best part about crowdfunding platforms is that they allow you to centralize the discussion of all investors in one place. In traditional methods, the investors tend to share their thoughts with the business directly, and then the admins share those with other investors, and this tends to lead to confusion and dispute.

Different crowdfunding websites solve this problem by centralizing the discussion, so the overall process becomes smoother.

Helps Refine the Idea

As communication becomes centralized, all the investors can work with the admins smoothly. This allows the fundraiser to work closely with all the investors and helps refine the idea.

Builds a Market Prior to Launch

When a fundraiser is launched, it also shares all the details regarding what benefits the product can provide. If the product is really good enough, it succeeds in creating a market looking forward to the product before its launch even.

How to Invest in Crowdfunding Wisely?

Now that you know the cons and benefits of crowdfunding, it should become clear to you that like every other platform, crowdfunding platforms are a balance of good and bad as well. So, it’s necessary for you to be cautious if you want to profit from investing in Crowdfunding.

There isn’t any golden rule that’ll help you guarantee profits from every investment you make. However, there are certain boxes that you should tick.

Firstly, and it goes without saying, you shouldn’t donate to donation-based platforms if you want to profit from them. These platforms don’t offer any reward or compensation for your money, and you’ll only be losing money from them. These are great for charity, but not for profiting.

You better look for equity-based platforms or real-estate crowdfunding platforms. There are reward-based platforms as well, and while these are great for supporting a developer or content creator you love, they aren’t for profiting.

Equity-based and real-estate platforms are built for letting you have your cut. In the first case, you’ll be awarded a share of the business you’re investing in. In the latter case, you’ll get a share of the property you’ve invested in.

So, if you want to profit from crowdfunding websites, then you should invest in equity-based and real-estate platforms.


As you can see, there are multiple drawbacks and benefits of crowdfunding. However, if you’re cautious enough while investing, then you’ll be able to profit greatly. This is why we recommend taking your time and considering all the available options at hand before investing in any crowdfunding platform.

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